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1. NBC to Stream Super Bowl For Free 
Yes, cord-cutters can rejoice. NBC will stream this Sunday’s big game between the Eagles and Patriots for free. Plus, all kinds of other interesting content related to the game.

How can you take advantage of this incredible deal? Click the link below!

Super Bowl Stream For Free

2. Broadcaster Urges DIRECTV Subs to Seek Refunds
DIRECTV and AT&T have been involved in a four-month-old fee fight with a local broadcaster and the broadcaster has had it. The company is now urging DIRECTV and AT&T subs to seek refunds.

What is DIRECTV saying? Find out by clicking the link below:

Broadcaster-DIRECTV Fee Fight Refunds 


3. Another Show Is Cancelled!
Yes, the network Grim Reaper has taken his ax to yet another show.

What got the boot this time? Find out by clicking the link below!

Cancelled Show


4. Netflix Adding 43 New Titles This Week
The world’s number one content streamer has a big week planned with 43 new titles coming to its lineup. The list includes several original programs, including one sci-fi series that some critics are comparing favorably to Blade Runner.

To see the list of new shows and movies coming to Netflix streaming this week, click below!

Netflix’s 43 Titles


5. Amazon Adding 37 New Titles This Week
Amazon’s Prime Video service is always looking to stay competitive with Netflix. The service is adding 37 new TV shows and movies to streaming lineup this week, including a new original murder mystery with an intriguing twist.

To learn more about Amazon’s new titles this week, click the link below!

Amazon’s 37 Titles


6. Hulu Adding 72 New Titles This Week
Hulu is also adding a bunch of new shows and movies this week. 72 to be exact and the list includes complete seasons of some of your old favorites.

To see the new titles coming this week from Hulu, click below!

Hulu’s 72 Titles


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