Dish Loses 4 Local Stations In Fee Fight


Dish today lost four local stations in four markets due to a fee fight with their owner, the Lockwood Broadcast Group.

The stations are: KAKE-TV, the ABC affiliate in Wichita, Kansas; WHDF-TV, the CW affiliate in Florence, Alabama; WCWG-TV, the CW station in Lexington, North Carolina; and KTEN-TV, the NBC affiliate in Ada, Oklahoma (the station also offers feeds of ABC and the CW in the Ada area).

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The Lockwood-owned stations posted a notice at their web sites alerting Dish viewers of the blackout. The companies are battling over how much Dish should pay to carry Lockwood’s stations.

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“DISH Network and Lockwood Broadcasting, Inc..have reached an impasse in negotiating a renewal of the agreement providing for carriage of (the stations)…on DISH Network’s satellite system,” the notice states. “As a result, (the stations are) no longer being carried by DISH. Our company is a small, family-owned broadcaster, one of the few still left in America.  DISH Network is a multi-billion dollar company that reported revenue of $3.6 billion in just the third quarter of 2017 We think you can see where this is going.”

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Lockwood also claimed it offered Dish an opportunity to keep the channels on the air while negotiations continued, but that the satcaster rejected the proposal.

At its web site,, which offers updates on channel disputes, the satcaster issued the following statement:

“We are currently experiencing a dispute with Lockwood Broadcasting and your programming is impacted by these negotiations. Lockwood Broadcasting is demanding an unreasonable rate increase, which is more than two times what we currently pay for their channels. DISH offered to match the rates paid by all other pay-TV providers; Lockwood Broadcasting refused this offer. The fact is, only Lockwood Broadcasting can choose to remove their content from DISH customers. DISH offered to extend the contract so viewers would not be impacted but Lockwood Broadcasting refused.”

— Phillip Swann

65 comments on “Dish Loses 4 Local Stations In Fee Fight”

  1. I have reported that DISH is not showing Shop LC on channel 274. I noticed it not appearing yesterday on 4/18/18. I absolutely adore this channel. It is so much more than just jewelry. I am extremely disappointed that it has been removed. It must be brought back to DISH. Please work it out asap. Thank you.

      1. If my Fox F1 is not back I will go to another provider.I came to Dish for these channels so why stay if you won’t provide them. Your way of upping our Bill’s and gave a so called good excuse to do it!!!!

  2. I signed up for channels that you are not showing. That was in my contract. Tor broke my contract. I want the stations back.

  3. If my Fox station is not available shortly I”am going to disconnect and go with an antenna. I’m sure my bill won”t reflect the loss of the fox station with a lower monthly bill.

  4. This was my reason for getting dish now you don’t have the channel I want if your not going to get those station back what the use of having this data lite

  5. when is ABC going to be available. I should not have to pay for a local channel if I am not getting it.

  6. You know it’s getting close to footall season to start.not along wi the fall new TV season to start and without the CBS channel i will be leaving DISH TV .

  7. The new season is about to start and I am a dish customer….Also not getting 27 news on dish… I feel this is totally unfair for what I am paying…..I would like to see the price reduced to compensate the inconvenience. Please settle this shortly for all affected.

  8. Comments do no good. Obviously neither side of this dispute care if we get kake (abc)wichita ks. or something would have been done s long time ago. Find it hard to believe our fees would change much. Sure didn’t change being short one channel.

  9. All the new shows are starting & I can’t watch them .This is very upsetting & I’m still being billed !! I was happy with Dish, but, now I’m having second thoughts. Lots of my friends are getting to watch the new shows coming on tonight ,because their cable co. hasn’t dropped them !!!!!

  10. We the dish customers deserve to know if this is going to get resolved or if we need to make the decision to leave dish. All of the new programs are starting tonight and many won’t be available to us. I speak for many when I ask you just be upfront and if you are not going to settle tell us. We all are paying our bill but not receiving what we contracted for. The lack of information will hurt you more than being honest.

  11. I subtracted $12.00 from my bill for local channels I was not getting after I have been paying for them. I talked with Dish and got no satisfaction of course. Dish said that the broadcaster pulled the channels. All I can say is Dish is all greed, not a happy camper. I am thinking about switching back to Direct TV.
    Jeanne from Dubuque, Iowa

  12. So what happens to people who signed a contract for 24 months and we gave not reached our 24 month. Will we still obligated to stay with Dish and be held hostage cause of the contract!! or can we drop dish and find another company,cause Dish cannot fulfill our contract???

  13. You are the worst decision this year. I will not pay for channels I am unable to watch. I will tell all family and friends to stay far away from you and will recommend Direct TV. I never had this problem until I switched. Nothing but problem after problem. Channels disappear, loss connection every time the weather isn’t sunny and cloudless, sound cuts out from programs, and so many other problems. I have called and followed all the troubleshooting advice but no change. Can’t wait to get this contract over so I can return to Direct TV. Also I will not pay for service that I haven’t received. You have failed to meet your end of the contract.

  14. this has been going on for 2 months now this has happened several times with dish this is the longest the stations have been off which of course when it happens there is always a price increase they are not complying with there contract when you first get dish these stations I no longer have was part of the package we picked so the are in violation of there own contract I’m not waiting much longer

  15. I was very disappointed to not have my locals I pay for , if not fixed soon will have to find a network that works for me.

  16. thats the reason I stayed with dish for the primetime. most of my shows come on primetime and there to cheap to pay ,I’m in for two years that sucks, take some sport channels off and bring local channels back

  17. We have been a customer for a long time and now they have shut off our news channel 49 and we don’t get news until 10:00 we are seniors and don’t stay up that late. Are they going to reinstate this channel shortly or should I look for another provider.

  18. We have lost channels 2 & 5. These are 2 of our most watched channels.
    We have been with Dish only since May.
    Please do something to get them back!!

  19. I have read all the comments on this lost channels and I have to agree with all. We don’t have our local channels and some other cable channels and I’m still paying for this. NOT!! My bill should be lower and if I cannot be compensate for this, I will go to Direct or some other cable company. We have been with you for a long, long time. This is unacceptable! Hopefully you can negotiate and get resolved as soon as possible.

  20. After removal of a basic, local channel CBS, does DISH plan to reduce monthly cost for DISH? I think some compensation is in order.

    1. Same thing is happening with DirecTV! We lost local Fox on Mar 1, 2019 and now NBC on Aug 29, 2019. In my opinion, the fault for this mostly lies with the owners of the networks, not mainly on Dish and Directv. If you live in a place where you can get these networks over the air you don’t have to pay for them. These networks are making the rest of us *mostly rural* subsidize the the free viewers. They get enough money generated from advertising!

  21. I have lost fox sports south and cannot get my Atlanta Braves, You want to blame Disney and provide phone numbers to contact them. My contract is not with Disney but with Dish.

    I have missed the weekend games but I will not miss next weekend, Unless restored by

    Tuesday night, 7/30/19, I will have direct TV back by 1st weekend in August. Do it or adios.

    that is your 2 options.

  22. Just signed up with Dish on July 22, 2019 so I could get local channels and the Fox Sport channel. I need the sport channel to watch the Cubs and hopefully will be back on soon. ;And a reduction in Dish bill should show on first bill.

  23. I am a disabled senior citizen in Jacksonville Florida I watch the Soaps everyday and at night channel 47 was the best Channel local channel we had thinking about canceling all cable

  24. Well we know you make millions from contracts with dish. Do you still to want millions more or would you like to satisfy your customers and live up to your promise. I like the braves games back on Fox south. I know of many displeased customers who carry dish but are thinking about dropping them. I think it would be to your advantage to solve this ASAP.

  25. this block has been going on to long, been a dish customer for going on 5 years, if this continues will look to another provider

  26. Been a dish customer for 30 years. Going to quit dish if the stations that I pay for do not return. Dish should give a discount on our bills because they are not delivering the channels that they promised.

  27. Main reason we got 250 channels is for the Sports Channel, so now Dish is breaking the contract. My bill should be lower —– very disgusting!!!!

  28. Bring back our local channels 3&5. Been a Dish customer for over 20 years and defended it when folks complained about their Direct TV. Very disappointed and will probably switch carriers. Bill is never lower. No offer from Dish for rebates or reduction in fees. This is not good.

  29. We watch channel 4 for most of our local programming for soaps and most of our evening shows. We have had Dish for years and I am very disappointed with the loss of the channel and we still are paying the same price for Dish, I think this is wrong. I am looking into getting a new provider(Direct or cable).

  30. By far Fox Detroit is my #1 watched channel. I have been a Tiger fan for 64yrs now. As bad as they are I still look forward to watching them. What is the regional sports network? Is Dish the only network having channels blocked. If not I hope you ban together to increase pressure on the regional sports network.

  31. How hard is it to negotiate. Let me help you, find out what they charge and divide it among your multi million subscribers and charge them and put the Atlanta Braves back on. I am available to negotiate if you need me

  32. I am a braves fan and have lost both fox stations that show them been having to watch it on the radio hmmmm guess how long that going to go on will call direct tv soon I am not going to pay more for greed

  33. Who is the clown on fox sports north who says Dish is only thinking of the customer ???? These insincere apologies are NOT what we want to see, we want to watch fox sports North. Dish needs to get these programs back and if your prices get too out of line, then the customer will decide if Dish is worth it.

  34. Live in Central Ohio. Summer TV sucks but what sucks mire is no FOX Sports! Get this dispute settled now. It is nothing byt greed and the consumer is caught in the middle.

  35. Turn on my fox channels! KC TV 5
    I’ve had your lousy service at two homes for over 15 years and you folks now have once again decided to use loyal paying customers as your toys to negotiate.
    Bad decision and poor marketing on both your part and KCTV5 .
    We’re looking for a new provider “NOW”

  36. new customer lost 4 of my most watched channels fox sport north local fox big 10 net work i signed up with dish because these channels where available and stuck with 2 year contract i feel dish should cancel this contract because they can not supply what i want

  37. Get FS1 on for my hometown football game at 8 or I am going somewhere else, I pay 93 dollars a month so I can see college football. GIVE what the customers want.

  38. if you will not get fox 1&2 back pronto( i want my bill reduced for the entire month of september including a refund for october as well

  39. The season is here for football. We look forward to watching FS1 and now it is taken away. Wow that is just wrong. Make a deal and bring it back. Viewers who subscribe for these particular channels look forward to watching them. Now!

  40. We have been customers with Dish for years , but with loosing fox sport channels is very upsetting. The baseball play offs are beginning soon and we are not going to see them unless you get to an agreement. We also are not going to get the Blues games because of this ridiculous dispute . You pass the result of your agreement back to us in a rise in our payment every month , but I guess that doesn”t matter . We have never switched to other Networks, but may have to go to (Direct).Your CEO’s need to get this taken care of NOW

  41. you dish need to get back fsi andfox sports or i will go to cable its all about money with you people very greedy

    1. If channels I’m paying for are removed than I’m not getting what I paid for. If dish is in negotiations then it could easily make an agreement. We pay a lot of money and I’m not happy. I’m going to consider my alternatives and encourage everyone on my social media to drop dish if they are not getting what they paid for and encourage them to tell everyone on their social media. It’s not right.

  42. I’m very upset that NBCSC has been removed. We have a friend who is a senior at TCU & we can’t even watch him play. We saw 1at game now we can’t get it! What happened to it? Please put it back !

  43. The Superbowl is coming on next week and I want my KLRT Fox 16 channel back on before then or will go to some other provider.

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