Does DIRECTV Now Offer MASN?


Q. Does DIRECTV Now carry MASN which has my beloved Washington Nationals? I saw an article saying it did. If it did, I would cut the cord tomorrow! — Tom, Bowie, Maryland. 

Tom, I think you are referring to what has now become an infamous article by The Washington Post, entitled, “Cord-cutting: I pulled the plug and kept my live sports. Here’s how.”

The article, which was written by Post sports writer Jacob Bogage, and published January 9, 2018, explains how Mr. Bogage is able to continue to watch live sports without subscribing to a cable or satellite service.

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Instead, the writer subscribes to Sling TV, which offers several national sports channels such as ESPN, and regional sports channels in some markets.

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The problem with the article is that Mr. Bogage includes a chart with his story that purports to reveal which sports channels are available on each major live streaming service, such as Sling, PlayStation Vue and DIRECTV Now.

The chart says DIRECTV Now carries MASN, which has the Washington, D.C. broadcast rights to both the Nationals and the Baltimore Orioles.

However, DIRECTV Now DOES NOT carry MASN.

UPDATE: On January 16, after publication of this article, The Post amended the chart to reflect that DIRECTV Now does not carry MASN.

As I explained last month in this article on MASN and streaming, the regional sports channel is only available in the DC area via streaming on the Layer3 Internet service. MASN’s Oriole and Nats’ games are on the MLB.TV streaming plan, but their contests are blacked out locally.

I have alerted Mr. Bogage of the mistake — twice, in fact — but the Post has yet to correct the article for reasons I don’t understand.

But bottom line, Tom, there is no MASN on DIRECTV Now. DIRECTV, the satellite TV service, carries MASN. But not DIRECTV Now, the live streaming service.

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— Phillip Swann

7 comments on “Does DIRECTV Now Offer MASN?”

  1. A big FU to Peter Angelos on this. You can thank him for the continued paltry options for viewing Nats games.

  2. Peter Angelos is cutting off his nose to spite his face. By not allowing MASN to be streamed he is alienating the fans of 2 teams. He probably believes he is protecting his cable and satellite channels but in reality he is just pissing people off. I look forward to the day the Nationals get out of his control.

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