Circuit City is coming back next month with an ambitious plan for a new site and, eventually, kiosks and stores within other stores, writes Twice Magazine.

Ronny Schmoel, the company’s CEO, told reporters yesterday at the Consumer Electronics Show that the new Circuit City web site will emphasize e-commerce and social networking.

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The new site will launch on February 15.

“Features will include videos, virtual vignettes, search-by-photo, augmented reality and real-time tech support via video chat,” Twice writes.

Schmoel did not offer a date for when Circuit City will return to the retail category, but said “major retailers” are interested in partnering with the company.

The plan is to include a mini Circuit City store in a larger store that’s already in existence. For instance, a Walmart or a Target could have interest in allowing Circuit City to manage its electronics area.

Circuit City arguably was once the nation’s biggest retailer of consumer electronics, but declared bankruptcy in 2008 due to changing market conditions (the increase in e-commerce sales) and the weak economy.

The company later tried a comeback as a web-only business, but that failed, too.

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— Phillip Swann