DIRECTV Now’s technical struggles continued last night with hundreds of subscribers taking to social media sites to express their anger., which tracks online outages and technical issues, says 779 DIRECTV Now users were complaining online at the height of the problem, which was around 10 p.m. ET.

The 779 number, which only represents the complaints at that moment, likely means that thousands of subscribers posted complaints throughout the night and into the early morning. The blizzard of angry comments on Twitter would seem to support that notion.

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“You guys are killing me,” Kristan Curran (@jabbrjawz) tweeted this morning at 1:04 a.m. ET, “Loved you my first month but these outages/buffers/cutting out are driving me UP A WALL. Since there’s no DVR option, I can’t go back and watch what I missed while waiting for the channel to actually play. Been like this for over five minutes.”

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looks to be completely down – cannot even log into my account at their website,” tweeted Jamie Morgan (@Norbapro) at 12:23 a.m. ET this morning.

“This is such a fail. You should just shut it down and start from scratch (no you don’t)

The live streaming service has suffered frequent buffering and outages for the last two weeks, most notably on New Year’s Day during the climatic moments of the 2018 Rose Bowl game between Oklahoma and Georgia.

The problem seems to be affecting users of multiple devices, including computers, the Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV.

Many subscribers say the problems seem to occur largely in primetime when the greatest number of customers are using DIRECTV Now. Live streaming service historically suffer more technical issues when customer use rises, creating a greater strain on the service’s infrastructure.

DIRECTV Now is currently offering a ‘one-year-anniversary’ promotion which enables new customers to get its basic service for just $10 the first month. That could be driving more traffic to DIRECTV Now’s apps.

@DIRECTVNowHelp, the streamer’s Twitter customer service page, has frequently acknowledged the technical issues in responses to subscribers in the last few weeks, even admitting outright system outages. However, last night, the Twitter page was relatively silent, offering just a few vague offers of help to complaining subscribers.

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— Phillip Swann