DIRECTV has unveiled a new schedule of 4K programs and they include four more programs in both 4K and HDR.

AT&T, which owns DIRECTV, said last month that the satellite TV service will air 13 NBA games in 4K HDR this season, starting with the Cleveland Cavaliers-Milwaukee Bucks game on December 19. (HDR, which stands for High Dynamic Range, can add more vivid and realistic colors to a 4K broadcast as well as greater contrast.)

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Upcoming 4K/HDR games will include Portland-Oklahoma City at 8 p.m. ET on January 9 and Charlotte-Detroit at 12:30 p.m. ET on January 15. They will air on DIRECTV’s live 4K channel, which is 106.

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In addition to the new NBA games, DIRECTV will air two ‘exclusive’ entertainment programs (Drone Wars and Mix: LA) in 4K/HDR on channel 104, starting January 11 and January 12 respectively. The satcaster did not disclose further details on the two programs.

Other sporting events coming to DIRECTV’s channel 106 in 4K only are:

English Premier League Soccer
1/3 – Arsenal vs. Chelsea, 2:45 pm ET
1/14 – Liverpool vs. Man City, 11:00 am ET
1/20 – Man City vs. Newcastle, 12:30 pm ET
1/31 – Tottenham vs. Manchester United, 3:00 pm ET

NCAA Basketball 
1/4 – UCLA at Stanford, 10:00pm ET
1/7 – USC at Stanford, 10:00pm ET
1/10 – Colorado at USC, 10:00pm ET

To watch the live 4K channel on DIRECTV, you must get a compatible 4K TV, a DIRECTV HD DVR54 Genie System (or above), and installation of the Genie by a DIRECTV technician.

DIRECTV has changed the minimum package required to get its live 4K channel to Select so more subscribers could access it as well as the satcaster’s two other 4K channels, which are devoted to recurring programming and Video on Demand.

However, the NBA games require an XTRA package or above.

Last note: If your 4K TV does not support 4K HDR, the broadcast will still display in regular 4K.

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— Phillip Swann