AT&T’s U-verse TV today became the sixth major pay TV provider to announce a press increase for existing subscribers’ video plans for 2018.

The increase, which becomes effective on January 21, 2018, ranges from $2 a month for U-verse’s U-Family and U-Family All In plans to $8 a month for U-verse’s U-400, U-450 and U-450 Latino plans.

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Other price hikes will include $3 a month for the U-100 package; $4 a month for U-200, U-200 All-In and U-200 Latino plans; and $5 a month for the U-300, U-300 All-In, and U-300 Latino plans.

AT&T, which posted the price changes at its site, says existing subscribers to the U-Basic plan will not see an increase on January 21.

If you are on a current U-verse promotion, your price discount will continue until the promotion ends.

DIRECTV, Charter, Dish, Comcast and Cox previously revealed that it will increase prices in 2018 although video subscriber defections for all five (and U-verse) have recently increased, and rising monthly bills is considered a major cause.

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— Phillip Swann