Epix Impeaches Graves From Lineup

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Epix has canceled the political spoof, Graves, after two seasons and 20 episodes, Variety reports.

The show, which starred Nick Nolte as a former president who suddenly finds candor after leaving office, completed its second (and now final) season earlier this month.

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Graves generated a mixed reaction from the critics with a score of 56 out of a possible 100 for season one at RottenTomatoes.com, which tracks critical reviews. Five of nine critics surveyed by the site said they liked the show.

“In its moments, Graves can be quite persuasive, even moving. (It can be corny too, but corn can work.),” wrote Robert Lloyd of the Los Angeles Times.

But the half-hour comedy never really clicked with viewers who dwindled in numbers from season one to the second.

In addition to Nolte, Graves’ cast included Sela Ward, Juliette Lewis and Adam Goldberg.

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— Phillip Swann

1 comments on “Epix Impeaches Graves From Lineup”

  1. Sad. It really was a entertaining show with an outstanding cast.
    Epix needs more original programming and comedy’s are not always that easy of a draw.
    Though with the studio power behind them, I’m sure they will have some very impressive offerings in the near future.

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