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DIRECTV Raising Prices In January 2018

The hike also covers Espanol plans.

DIRECTV next month will raise prices on most programming packages for existing customers by $2 a month to $8 a month as well as hike the Regional Sports Channel fee in select markets, AT&T has revealed in a notice posted at its web site.

The satcaster has hiked prices on programming packages in January for several years in a row, blaming the rising cost of program acquisition. This year, AT&T again attributes the need to raise prices on increased carriage fees.

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“Due to higher costs of programming, the monthly rate for the below services will increase on January 21, 2018, and the changes will appear in billing statements starting on that date,” AT&T, which owns DIRECTV, states.

DIRECTV’s 2017 price increase ranged from $2 a month to $6 a month so the 2018 hike is comparable.

The DIRECTV rate increases coming in January 2018 will include the following plans:

* SELECT — $2 a month increase
* ENTERTAINMENT — $3 a month increase
* CHOICE — $4 a month increase
* TOTAL CHOICE LIMITED — $4.50 a month increase
* PREFERRED XTRA — $7 a month increase
* ULTIMATE PREMIER — $8 a month increase

DIRECTV says it will not increase the price of the Family plan.

However, the satellite TV service says it will also raise the a la carte price of The Outdoor Channel by $1.49 a month to $4.99 a month; and regional sports channel fees will go up in some areas by as much as $1 a month. (Some areas will see no change in RSN fees while some markets will see increases from 20 to 70 cents a month. DIRECTV has not revealed which areas will get the RSN price hikes.)

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DIRECTV is also raising the price of DIRECTV Espanol plans including:

* BASIC CHOICE — $1 a month

The AT&T notice says if you are on a current DIRECTV promotion, your discount will continue until it ends or expires. Once your promotional period ends, you will be charged at our new programming package prices.

DIRECTV and AT&T’s U-verse TV service recently launched new promotional prices for new customers, starting with $35 a month plans.

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— Phillip Swann

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11 Comments on DIRECTV Raising Prices In January 2018

  1. I would like for Directv to show exactly how much more expensive their carriage fees are, as well as the increase in income these price increases generate. I’m betting they bring in a LOT more than the carriage fees are costing them.

  2. I plan to use that DirecTv monthly fee to increase the speed of my cable internet service and not notice I no longer have a television service provider. How cool would that be then, DTV?

  3. This is why, after 20 years I dumped them. Since ATT took over, they are a complete rip off! I switched to Spectrum. 100% HD channels at about $30.00 less per month with HBO and Showtime. Oh, and this includes Wi-Fi and Phone service.

    • How Long does this promo last ?

      • Duke Sweden // December 6, 2017 at 6:56 am //

        If Spectrum really wants to stick the dagger in they’ll figure out how to start offering 4K programming. As it is, Spectrum’s picture quality sucks compared to Directv, and after a year your eyeballs are gonna pop out when you see their price increase.

  4. Cable and Satellite casters wonder why their new ex-customers are cutting the cord. If they would learn to say NO to increased transmission rates, cord cutters would be fewer and fewer. Until they do say NO expect more and more cord cutters. Broadcasters need cable and satellite for their channels, cable and satellite don’t need the broadcasters.

    • Hope they see this and say “NO”
      Might save their businesses

      • To be far when they do stand up and say no they lose customers over that as well and go with a competitor if customers want them to stand up and say no then customers need to do their part and not play into the games and switch providers.

  5. Is DirecTV going to ADD the missing (NON Sports Channels) to the SELECT Package ? DirecTV’s “SELECT” Package is close, but it is lacking a few channels.
    Destination America Channel, DYI, FYI, FXX, Great Am Country,
    IFC, Lifetime MOVIE Channel, LOGO, National Geographic WILD, OWN,
    Science Channel, The Travel Channel, The Weather Channel.

    • That’s why they created the “Preferred Xtra” package. Its the same as “Xtra” but doesn’t include all the sports channels except for 4 (ESPN, ESPN2, FS1, NBCSN). You can call in or chat to customer care and get it.

  6. JS, what is the regular price of the “Preferred Xtra” Package?

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