DIRECTV Raising Prices In January 2018


DIRECTV next month will raise prices on most programming packages for existing customers by $2 a month to $8 a month as well as hike the Regional Sports Channel fee in select markets, AT&T has revealed in a notice posted at its web site.

The satcaster has hiked prices on programming packages in January for several years in a row, blaming the rising cost of program acquisition. This year, AT&T again attributes the need to raise prices on increased carriage fees.

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“Due to higher costs of programming, the monthly rate for the below services will increase on January 21, 2018, and the changes will appear in billing statements starting on that date,” AT&T, which owns DIRECTV, states.

DIRECTV’s 2017 price increase ranged from $2 a month to $6 a month so the 2018 hike is comparable.

The DIRECTV rate increases coming in January 2018 will include the following plans:

* SELECT — $2 a month increase
* ENTERTAINMENT — $3 a month increase
* CHOICE — $4 a month increase
* TOTAL CHOICE LIMITED — $4.50 a month increase
* PREFERRED XTRA — $7 a month increase
* ULTIMATE PREMIER — $8 a month increase

DIRECTV says it will not increase the price of the Family plan.

However, the satellite TV service says it will also raise the a la carte price of The Outdoor Channel by $1.49 a month to $4.99 a month; and regional sports channel fees will go up in some areas by as much as $1 a month. (Some areas will see no change in RSN fees while some markets will see increases from 20 to 70 cents a month. DIRECTV has not revealed which areas will get the RSN price hikes.)

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DIRECTV is also raising the price of DIRECTV Espanol plans including:

* BASIC CHOICE — $1 a month

The AT&T notice says if you are on a current DIRECTV promotion, your discount will continue until it ends or expires. Once your promotional period ends, you will be charged at our new programming package prices.

DIRECTV and AT&T’s U-verse TV service recently launched new promotional prices for new customers, starting with $35 a month plans.

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— Phillip Swann

25 comments on “DIRECTV Raising Prices In January 2018”

  1. I would like for Directv to show exactly how much more expensive their carriage fees are, as well as the increase in income these price increases generate. I’m betting they bring in a LOT more than the carriage fees are costing them.

  2. I plan to use that DirecTv monthly fee to increase the speed of my cable internet service and not notice I no longer have a television service provider. How cool would that be then, DTV?

  3. This is why, after 20 years I dumped them. Since ATT took over, they are a complete rip off! I switched to Spectrum. 100% HD channels at about $30.00 less per month with HBO and Showtime. Oh, and this includes Wi-Fi and Phone service.

      1. If Spectrum really wants to stick the dagger in they’ll figure out how to start offering 4K programming. As it is, Spectrum’s picture quality sucks compared to Directv, and after a year your eyeballs are gonna pop out when you see their price increase.

      2. Spectrum will not raises prices for 2 years and has no contract. Leave anytime. Directv needs to stop upsetting people with the constant price changes.

  4. Cable and Satellite casters wonder why their new ex-customers are cutting the cord. If they would learn to say NO to increased transmission rates, cord cutters would be fewer and fewer. Until they do say NO expect more and more cord cutters. Broadcasters need cable and satellite for their channels, cable and satellite don’t need the broadcasters.

      1. To be far when they do stand up and say no they lose customers over that as well and go with a competitor if customers want them to stand up and say no then customers need to do their part and not play into the games and switch providers.

  5. Is DirecTV going to ADD the missing (NON Sports Channels) to the SELECT Package ? DirecTV’s “SELECT” Package is close, but it is lacking a few channels.
    Destination America Channel, DYI, FYI, FXX, Great Am Country,
    IFC, Lifetime MOVIE Channel, LOGO, National Geographic WILD, OWN,
    Science Channel, The Travel Channel, The Weather Channel.

    1. That’s why they created the “Preferred Xtra” package. Its the same as “Xtra” but doesn’t include all the sports channels except for 4 (ESPN, ESPN2, FS1, NBCSN). You can call in or chat to customer care and get it.

  6. i pay 174.73 a month for the top package and now you want me to pay more i don’t even get first run movies hey T up yours goodbye

  7. Am a 20 myear Directv subscriber who recently retired. Get my news now from my phone, the Sprint Unlimited Internet I have on 3G and the Verizon unlimted Internet I have on 4G and unlimited streaming. I only kept Directv to a min and ditched ESPN cause I can get that on my phone. ATT/Directv wants me to ditch Verizon Wireless and bundle with them.. Then go with them cause they have jacked up my Directv byt 33% just this month. Well. Time for me to ditch Directv. at 75.00 x 12 months times the next 20 years thats 18k dollars. They want us to pay for their “merger” . Want for me to pay for my “loyalty” , when I am the one who ponied up $600 for equipment costs. Then after another Merger with USSB they told me I must LEASE ALL my equipment even though I bought my own Tivo, antenna & the receivers , then they Directv said I MUST LEASE from them ! WTH?
    You have gotten Too Big for your britches this time Ma Bell… Not doing ANY’bundles’ with you..
    Going to use that 18K for something more constructive My parents didn’t pay for TV or regional sport fees, I won’t either.. Bye Bye, You priced yourself right out of my market & I wont be able to buy anymore of your 7.99 movies when you take the system out.. Btw Cut the cord a while ago have a TV with a HDTV antenna and a Tivo Romaio, I have more content then I can watch in the next year.. my Tivo fee is 14,99 a month… NO More LEASING fees to ATT either.. Bet you will come crawling back to my door since I am the one with the 799 FICO score… see ya WoodinVirginia

  8. I am shocked and disheartened that in the middle of winter any company would increase rates. Not only do we contend with increase fees for electric and heat, now its tv. When I became a customer, had no idea I would be charged 7$ fee in addition to package price, then another fee for maintenance( which should be provided for free) The increase is to offset the promotion to gain new customers. It is well known in the industry that people dislike the trouble of changing providers. So they take advantage of loyal customers. ANY increase is unfair and with all the false channels (advertising info channels, repeat channels etc.) it can take a long time to find anything that hasn’t been viewed before. I will look into the advice from Virginia. They need to post the yearly income of the Ceo. of the company. 7 dollars equals three meals. Does he really want to do that to his customer base?

  9. AND now for me as of 1/31/18 they cut two of my network channels….cbs and nbc. Yeah, getting closer and closer to just netflix (and they just went up too), amazon prime and hulu. Hardly watch much of what is on direct anymore anyway.

  10. Yep fixing to drop and change also. Way to high pricing for no more than what we watch. Sad that they are money hungry so they can pay big bonus money to their top people!!

  11. I switched to Directv a Year ago because of historically continuously rising cable prices. My bill has continuously rose with Directv despite the belief I had that I was locked in for 2 years! …No problem Directv. Get your money out of me now because I WILL be moving on!

  12. I’ve been with DTV since 96 and just left them today for Dish (better equipment, more channels, and locked in rate for 2 years) due to the increase in rates! Also, the extra hidden charges for the RENTAL EQUIPMENT! Additionally they are charging me for insurance to fix or replace THEIR own equipment,,WTH !??? BYE Felicia!! Good luck with prostituting all of your remaining customers!!

  13. What good is a “contract” if Directv can increase their rates whenever they see fit? I just got off the phone with a Directv rep who I could barely understand and got nothing more than that he ” understood” my concern. I told him that if my rates don’t go back to what I agreed to on my current contract that I would cancel all dealings with them. We’ll see what happens.

  14. I hate att raise my rates after my contract I’m done sucks I been with them since 2006 rates stay same. It sad this why att should not been able to buy directv greed. There going to lose out just like dish did kept hiking rates.

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