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DIRECTV Now Passes 1 Million Subscribers

AT&T says DIRECTV Now, its live streaming service, has passed the one million subscriber mark after one year of service.

In a press statement posted this morning, the telco giant said more features will be introduced in early 2018 which it hopes will further boost subscriptions.

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“We’re putting some finishing touches on more features in beta testing we plan to roll out on our next generation video platform over the coming months. These include a DVR in the cloud to record shows and access virtually anywhere, 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) quality video, capacity for more than 35,000 OnDemand titles, individual profiles and an even better user experience,” AT&T stated.

DIRECTV Now debuted on November 30, 2016, streaming a variety of multi-channel packages starting at $35 a month.

While DIRECTV Now has had recurring technical issues, the DIRECTV brand name — and programming packages priced lower than traditional pay TV service — have combined to be a powerful lure for new subscribers.

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— Phillip Swann

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