Best Buy is running a holiday promotion called ’20 Days of Doorbusters,’ which the retailer says will include a special price on an electronics product each day of the sale. However, it appears that Amazon today has decided to take the ‘special’ out of Best Buy’s special price.

Today’s Best Buy ‘Doorbuster’ is Sony’s (XB959N1) Extra Bass Wireless Noise Cancelling Over the Ear Headphones, which the store is selling today for just $114.99.

Best Buy says the normal price for the headphones is $249.99, which means you could save $135 by buying the pair today for the ‘Doorbusters’ price. 

But hold on there, Best Buy.

Amazon this morning has priced the Sony headphones at $113, which is $2 less than the Best Buy ‘Doorbusters’ price and $137 less than the ‘normal’ price. The etailer says you can save $136.99 by buying the headphones at its site rather than Best Buy.

It’s unclear if Amazon plans to ‘scoop’ Best Buy during the remainder of its Doorbusters promotion which runs through December 20.

But before buying a ‘Doorbusters’ special at Best Buy this month, you might want to check the Amazon price first. You might save a few dollars.

Update: Despite Best Buy’s claim the headphones normally cost $249.99, the retailer yesterday was selling the headphones for $179.99, which would mean today’s ‘Doorbusters’ price would be reduced by $65, not $135.

— Phillip Swann