DIRECTV this month will air seven NBA games and three college basketball games in 4K, the satcaster has announced at its web site.

The games will air on DIRECTV’s live 4K channel, which is channel 106.

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The seven NBA games that will air in 4K are:

12/1 – Minnesota @ Oklahoma City, 8:00 pm ET
12/3 – San Antonio @ Oklahoma City, 7:00 pm ET
12/5 – Phoenix @ Toronto, 7:30 pm ET
12/9 – Utah @ Milwaukee, 8:30 pm ET
12/19 – Cleveland @ Milwaukee, 8:00 pm ET
12/27 – Toronto @ Oklahoma City, 8:00 pm ET
12/29 – Phoenix @ Sacramento, 10:00 pm ET

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In addition, the satcaster will air the following college basketball games in the new picture format:

12/7 – NCAA: Valparaiso at Purdue, 5:30 pm ET
12/13 – NCAA: Western Kentucky at Wisconsin, 5:00 pm ET

12/22 – UCONN v. Duquesne, 7:00 pm ET (this game will be on channel 105 rather than 106.)

In addition to the hoops action, DIRECTV will air seven English Premier League Soccer matches in 4K:

12/2 – Arsenal v. Man United, 12:30 pm ET
12/10 – Manchester United v. Man City, 11:30 am ET
12/12 – Huddersfield Town v. Chelsea, 3:00 pm ET
12/16 – Man. City v. Tottenham, 12:30 pm ET
12/22 – Arsenal v. Liverpool, 2:45 pm ET
12/26 – Liverpool v. Swansea City, 12:30 pm ET
12/31 – Crystal Palace v. Man. City, 7:00 am ET

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And, finally, DIRECTV has scheduled a music event and a pay-per-view UFC match in 4K this month:

12/18 – Brian Setzer Orchestra Concert, 8:00 pm PT
12/30 – UFC 219: Cyborg vs Holm, Pay Per View Event at 9:30pm ET

DIRECTV has changed the minimum package required to get its live 4K channel to Select so more subscribers could access it as well as the satcaster’s two other 4K channels, which are devoted to recurring programming and Video on Demand.

However, the NBA games will require an Xtra package or above because the NBA TV channel is not available in the Select plan.

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— Phillip Swann