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Comcast Signs Up Epix, But What About DIRECTV?

Comcast has agreed to carry Epix, leaving DIRECTV as the last major pay TV operator not to offer the premium channel.

Epix said in a press release today that it will be added to Comcast’s lineup in early 2018. The channel did not reveal the exact launch day or pricing. Most pay TV operators offer Epix for a separate monthly fee, similar to HBO and Showtime.

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“Comcast’s Xfinity TV is one of the most innovative and powerful distribution platforms for entertainment content across the United States,” said Gary Barber, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc, which owns Epix. “As we increase our investment in original series, expand content offerings and commit more resources to developing EPIX’s brand and appeal, we are excited to partner with Comcast and bring EPIX’s suite of premium content to their customers.”

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Epix offers original programming such as Berlin Station (pictured above), Graves and Get Shorty as well as movies from MGM, Paramount and Lion’s Gate studios such as ArrivalTransformers: The Last Knight, The Magnificent Seven, Me Before You, Daddy’s Home.

The channel is already carried by such large TV operators as Dish, Verizon, Charter, Cox and AT&T’s U-verse. The U-verse carriage has been a sore spot for Epix because AT&T also owns DIRECTV, which has steadfastly refused to carry it.

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Prior to the AT&T merger, DIRECTV executives said it didn’t want Epix because they believed there were already a sufficient number of premium channels in the satcaster’s lineup.

The AT&T merger in 2015 triggered speculation that that policy would change, but to date, Epix is still available on U-verse, but not DIRECTV.

Sling TV and PlayStation Vue, the live streaming services, also offer Epix in their lineups.

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— Phillip Swann 

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7 Comments on Comcast Signs Up Epix, But What About DIRECTV?

  1. EPIX has some really good original shows. Get Shorty, Graves and Berlin Station are top notch shows and as good as anything on other premiums and Netflix and Amazon. Berlin Station season 2 has been especially good this year and is what Homeland should have been like.

  2. Let’s only epix main feed in HD (east or west) and epxi 2, epxi 3, epxi drive in all in SD

  3. Ronald John Kohlman // November 28, 2017 at 4:43 pm // Reply

    I like Epix, I also like options…There is a boat load of premium channels, but they play the same shit over and over so I see the addition of Epix as a positive if Directv gets their heads out of their asses and add it!!!!!!!!!!!! Not everyone likes 200 channels of sports!

    • YEA !!!! Get Rid of the Sports. Put them in a separate a-la-cart package.
      Starting with Channel Number 1856290877944
      That will make it hard for us normal people to stumble onto them.
      While their at it, put ALL the Commercials in a HARD to find Package.
      We PAY DEARLY for the subscription. Don’t Shove Commercials down our throats.
      Kinda like RUBBING SALT in the WOUND. !!

  4. FreeRightsUSA // November 28, 2017 at 6:29 pm // Reply

    And Altice too?

  5. Dierctv needs to add epix hd channels and changed there name to atat erntmant…….its more better dierctv to old.2018..

  6. John Hemze // May 4, 2018 at 3:32 pm // Reply

    So when is Epix actually going to be on Xfinity?
    I would say it’s past early 2018 :/

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