AT&T’s U-verse is once again carrying three Capitol Broadcasting-owned local stations in North Carolina after the two companies agreed to a new carriage pact.

The stations, which had been unavailable to U-verse subscribers for more than two months, are: WRAL, the NBC affiliate in Raleigh, North Carolina, WILM, an independent station in Wilmington, North Carolina, and WRAZ-TV, the Fox affiliate in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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“We’re very happy to tell you our channels are back on U-verse. We are as glad as you are that this disruption is over,” Capitol Broadcasting Company COO Jimmy Goodmon said in a statement last week.

The stations were pulled by Capitol Broadcasting on September 13 when the broadcaster and telco could not reach a new pact. Terms of the new agreement were not released.

Meanwhile AT&T and DIRECTV are still involved in a carriage dispute with American Spirit Media which has now lasted for more than two months.

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DIRECTV subscribers are still missing seven local stations due to the dispute, which began on September 21.

The seven stations are:

KAUZ (CBS affiliate) in Wichita Falls, Texas
WDBD (Fox affiliate) in Jackson, Mississippi
KVHP (Fox) in Lake Charles, Louisiana
WSFX (Fox) in Wilmington, North Carolina
WUPW (Fox) in Toledo, Ohio
WXTX (Fox) in Columbus, Georgia
WUPV (CW affiliate) in Richmond, Virginia

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In addition, AT&T, which owns DIRECTV, and negotiates its carriage agreements, is missing four American Spirit Media locals due to the same dispute. The stations are in Columbus, Jackson, Toledo and Wilmington.

And DIRECTV subscribers are still without KFVE-TV, an independent station in Honolulu, due to a separate carriage dispute which began in late October.

Finally, Dish and Lilly Broadcasting have been in a carriage battle since September 30 which has left the satcaster’s viewers unable to watch seven Lilly-owned local channels. They are:

WENY-TV (ABC, Elmira)
WENYD-TV (CBS, Elmira)
WBEP-TV (CW, Erie)
KITV-TV (ABC, Honolulu
KITV2-TV (MeTV, Honolulu)

— Phillip Swann