Dish subscribers could soon lose access to 14 CBS-owned local channels as well as other CBS properties such as Showtime and the CBS Sports Network due to a fee fight between the companies.

CBS aired a warning last night during its primetime lineup that Dish customers could soon lose the local CBS stations. While the alert did not mention other CBS-owned channels such as Showtime, carriage deals between pay TV providers and CBS usually include the entire lineup of CBS-owned networks.

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The warning did not mention when the current pact between the companies expires. But the local CBS stations this morning have posted notices at their web sites that say Dish customers “could soon lose” their signals.

CBS owns local affiliates in such large markets as Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami, Boston, Atlanta, Detroit, Baltimore, Denver, and Miami. You can see a complete list here. 

This dispute would not affect CBS stations which are owned by other companies and hold separate carriage deals with Dish.

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CBS has established a web site,, but the site did not offer any information as of 6 a.m. ET on Monday.

Dish has issued a statement at its web site,, that blames CBS for triggering this fight, which is over how much Dish should pay to carry the network for its signals.

“You may have seen a message from CBS telling you that you could lose your local channel. The truth is, only CBS can black out their channel. Call CBS Corporation at 212-975-4321 and demand they stop these antics and focus on getting a deal done. There is still time to reach a deal with CBS Corporation. In fact, negotiations regularly happen right up to the deadline and more often than not they are settled without issue,” Dish states.

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— Phillip Swann