Amazon today has launched its week-long Black Friday sale with sharp discounts planned on hundreds of electronics products and Amazon devices.

The deals will include the Amazon Echo Dot for $29.99, the company’s lowest-price ever for its smaller version of the Echo digital assistant with ‘Alexa’ voice commands. The Echo Dot normally goes for $49.99.

Amazon says it will also sell a “premium-brand” 40-inch Smart TV for $279, although it does not reveal the name of the premium-brand nor whether the set will be 4K or just HD.

To see Amazon’s Black Friday Sale, click here.

Other interesting deals: a 49-inch 4K Smart TV for $159.99; $20 off the new Amazon Echo; and $40 off the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition.

You can learn more about Amazon’s Black Friday specials here:
Amazon to Slash TV Prices For Black Friday.

As of this morning at 5:30 a.m. ET, the etailer was off to a slow start with just six ‘Deals of the Day’ listed. But Amazon has said it will offer 30 different ‘Deals of the Day’ during the sale week, starting today, so it will likely add more specials later today.

To see Amazon’s Black Friday Sale, click here.