AT&T Closes


AT&T has closed its site as the company seeks to convert its subscribers to DIRECTV, or DIRECTV Now.

The telco has yet to terminate the U-verse TV service, and U-verse subscribers can still use an app to stream programming as well as watch it on their home TVs via set-tops.

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But the web site, which permitted customers to stream programming as well as learn more about the service’s plans, yesterday began redirecting to The entire Uverse site is no longer available. The Home Page redirects to, while other site pages display 404 (“not found”) error messages. (Update, November 3: The redirect now goes to an page that offers more information on the U-verse app; you still can not stream U-verse programming there, however.)

AT&T has allowed U-verse customers to stream their subscription channels and On Demand titles at since 2013. In addition, the site has been a one-stop source for U-verse programming and Internet plans since the service launched more than 10 years ago.

But since AT&T’s merger with DIRECTV in 2015, the telco has been actively trying to persuade U-verse subscribers to switch to its satellite TV service, DIRECTV, which permits its customers to stream their subscription channels at

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The decision to eliminate, including its streaming feature, could further prod Uverse customers to switch to DIRECTV, or DIRECTV Now, the company’s new live streaming service.

The TV Answer Man reported last month that AT&T had begun alerting U-verse subscribers that streaming would no longer be available at, starting at the end of October.

An AT&T spokesman told the TV Answer Man on October 17 that streaming would end so the company could “focus our U-verse streaming application development on core platforms.”

We encourage our U-verse customers to take advantage of the other streaming applications available to them, including via IOS and Android platforms,” the spokesman added.

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However, there was no indication at that time that the entire site would close, as it did yesterday. AT&T posted a notice yesterday at a customer forum that the site “would no longer be available.”

The telco threatened last March to end the site at the end of May, but said in mid-May that it would keep operating it “for at least the next several months.”

The TV Answer Man has asked AT&T for a comment this morning on this latest development and will report back here if we receive one.

— Phillip Swann

7 comments on “AT&T Closes”

  1. We have never gotten any information in regards that AT & T was shutting down and replaced with Direct TV.In Fact my last conversation with them in regards to my bill, i asked them if they were trying to force us to go Direct TV and they no way.

  2. The management practices of the Inc formerly known as Southwestern Bell Corporation are not, have never been, and will never be customer friendly. The stockholders, the management team, and the BoD will always insure this. These people hold their customers in contempt and will never let you forget. Like all organizations, this Inc will always be managed to benefit those managers.

  3. I guess the powers that be at AT&T didn’t take into consideration the U-Verse customers who are unable to shift over to Direct TV because of LOS issues. Or if they did consider those customer, they just didn’t care.

  4. Sounds like a typical AT&T move.
    Have said for a LONG time AT&T does NOT like customers. Especially Stephenson, he HATES People and Customers. Maybe got trained by trump ?
    Does this also mean AT&T is shutting Down U-Verse Internet and Phone ?

  5. It’s a shame…our extended family has UVerse, Comcast, DirectTV and Charter and UVerse is way better. Their DVR and remote are intuitive and allow more flexibility in storage and playback. Can’t they just leave us alone and take our $150 per month? Charter, btw, is just horrible, with a screen menu that looks like the video from those RF converters we used to play Pong in the 70’s.

  6. Jefferson, Somewhere you got some BAD info. U-Verse is the Bottom of the Barrel for ANYTHING. Customer Service, Reliability, Easy to use, Price, Quality.
    Have to agree Comcast is real close.
    Charter is pricy, but works GOOD.
    DirecTV was the GOLD standard for everything, “Before AT&T took over”. DirecTV Satellite DVR is SUPER. Can’t get any better. I don’t think you got a good introduction to it.
    The Customer service was sent Overseas, that Kills any Company. Sometimes you might get lucky and get a US rep. BUT that is getting Rare.
    Don’t Forget U-Verse is AT&T’s “Vista” as in Microsoft. Can’t get any worse.
    What are you getting for $150.00 ? You need to check your Bill, that is OUTRAGEOUS for TV.

  7. Jefferson, Forgot, Why do you think AT&T Bought DirecTV ?
    AT&T could NOT get U-Verse TV to work. That is why they are shutting it down.
    AT&T tried to STUFF HDTV, HIGH Speed Internet, and (2) Phone Lines on (1) OLD pair of Copper wires. That does NOT happen.
    When and “IF” AT&T ever run “FIBER to the HOUSE” then they might have a good product. BUT AT&T is Cheap and in NO hurry to FIX anything.
    Their theory is SCREW the Customer, Make sure they PAY and who cares if it works. If they complain, we send the calls to a NON speaking country and don’t worry about the outcome.

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