Comcast has announced that its Netflix streaming feature now includes the service’s 4K programming.

The cable operator has offered Netflix streaming on its X1 set-tops since November 2016. But Netflix customers who subscribe to the service’s 4K plan ($13.99 a month) could not access its 4K programming on Comcast.

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However, Comcast says Netflix 4K streaming is now available to Xfinity TV customers with a compatible X1 device (XG1v4 set-top), a Netflix 4K plan, a 4K-compatible TV, and an Internet service connected to the X1 box. When a Netflix viewer clicks on a Netflix show that’s available in 4K, the default playback will be in 4K.

Netflix’s 4K shows include Narcos (pictured above), Stranger Things, House of Cards, Mindhunters, Ozark and Orange Is the New Black, among many others.

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Comcast subscribers who own 4K TVs will also be happy to learn that the cable operator plans to expand its 4K offering, which to date, has only been a smattering of Video on Demand titles.

“We remain focused on providing our customers high-quality entertainment experiences across platforms, which includes easy access to the best 4K programming,” said Brynn Lev, vice president of editorial and programming for Comcast. “We are thrilled to make the popular Netflix catalog of 4K programming available to X1 customers and will continue to rapidly expand the UHD (4K) programming choices available on the platform.”

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— Phillip Swann