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AT&T: DIRECTV Lost 251K Subs In 3Q

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AT&T revealed today that DIRECTV lost a net of 251,000 subscribers in the third quarter while the company’s other TV service, U-verse, lost a net of 134,000 video customers in the time period.

The new sub numbers were in the company’s third quarter report, which was released this afternoon.

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AT&T’s combined video losses in the traditional pay TV business was 385,000. The telco said DIRECTV Now, its live streaming service, added 296,000 net subscribers in the third quarter, not enough to offset the combined losses of DIRECTV and U-verse. (DIRECTV NOW has roughly 800,000 subscribers, 11 months following its debut.)

Overall, the company lost a net of 89,000 video subscribers in the quarter.

AT&T blamed the losses by DIRECTV and U-verse on “over-the-top
services (streaming), hurricanes and stricter credit standards.” There were several hurricanes in the third quarter, including two that impacted the states of Texas and Florida, and the streaming business continues to heat up with new entries.

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However, AT&T promised last year that the company would begin to show a net gain in 2017 from the traditional pay TV category as it converted U-verse subscribers to DIRECTV.

The significant loss by DIRECTV in the third quarter, a time when the satcaster usually does well thanks to new NFL Sunday Ticket subscribers, will likely concern investors and financial analysts.

DIRECTV added a net of 323,000 video subscribers in the 2016 third quarter.

Despite the sub losses, AT&T said total video revenues were up 1.9 percent in the third quarter with satellite gains offsetting declines in the U-verse business.

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— Phillip Swann

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7 Comments on AT&T: DIRECTV Lost 251K Subs In 3Q

  1. Randy Meinholdt // October 24, 2017 at 5:05 pm // Reply

    So they charge fewer customers more $$$

  2. Hurricanes explain some of the Loss.

    But DirecTV STILL will NOT offer a COMPLETE Package with ONLY NORMAL (NON Sports) Channels. (They still have some of the NON sports channels in the HIGH Priced packages “Choice & Extra packages”) Need to ADD: DIY, Lifetime Movie channel, Logo, Own, Nat Geog, Science Channel, Travel Channel, Destination America, Great Am. Country, IFC, The WEATHER Channel, & Sundance.

    Plus some others that are NOT in HD Yet. Offer ALL channels in HD, they have the capacity with the NEW satellites. They should also include The Golf and Tennis Channels, as they are not really sports.

    There are Millions of viewers that do NOT watch sports. ESPN has found that out the Hard Way. Forcing NON sports customers to pay for ESPN in packages with Regular channels.
    End result: “HIGH PRICES” = CORD CUTTERS.
    DirecTV and ALL providers need to come around and offer what customers want.
    NON sports packages, Sports ONLY Packages, and an ability to offer a combo.

    • I agree as far as ESPN and the NFL. As soon as my contract runs out, I will attempt to find a carrier, hopefully DTV that officers programming with ESPN.

  3. DirecTV could also offer a slimed down NON sports package, say for $ 40.00 for a mini “SELECT” package.

  4. also GSN, Cooking, Chiller, Discovery Life, WGN, TV One, and Horse Racing should be ADDED

  5. Dierctv needs to add outermax hd and betjam and betsoul they are they last to add it dish got all them and outermax hd needs to be added
    …….. 2018……..revoltv tv and tvone in hd only on dish weres that.

  6. On Sept 21st we, AT&T/Directv (Lawton, OK Subscribers), lost our free CBS station due to a financial dispute with American Spirit Media and KAUZ in Wichita Falls, Texas. Since they reneged on their contract, we should be able to change our service provider, right? All AT&T offered us was $10 off our bill. We decided to stay, thinking that the dispute would be resolved in an expedient manner. WRONG! We are furious that the FCC and Consumer advocates are not stepping in on our behalf to resolve this issue. These companies are double dipping…trying to make us pay for what has always been a FREE Channel to paying for them to broadcast it to us plus having commercial adds pay for broadcasting this channel. If they pull this off, we will be paying a fortune for just being able to watch our free channels too. Too costly and ridiculous. Need a class-action lawsuit or (God forbid) action from the people in Washington, DC.

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