Starting next month, AT&T says U-verse TV subscribers will no longer be able to stream live channels and On Demand programs at

“Streaming via browser will no longer be available after October,” the telco says in a notice at “Download the U-verse app for your iOS, Android, or Amazon devices to keep streaming.”

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AT&T has allowed U-verse customers to stream their subscription channels and On Demand titles at since 2013. The removal of the streaming feature raises questions about the future of the site itself. now is almost entirely devoted to streaming with the exception of a few pages for such things as an online guide, and information about the service’s programming packages.

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AT&T alerted subscribers last spring that it was considering closing on May 30, but decided a few weeks before that date to keep the site fully operational.

“We’ve elected to continue to support the web site for at least the next several months,” an AT&T spokesman told the TV Answer Man on May 18.

But the company is actively trying to persuade U-verse subscribers to switch to its satellite TV service, DIRECTV, which permits its customers to stream their subscription channels at

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The decision to eliminate streaming at could be part of the effort to convert U-verse subscribers to DIRECTV, or DIRECTV Now, the company’s new live streaming service.

The TV Answer Man has asked AT&T for a comment on this latest action, and will report back here if I receive one.

Update: AT&T on Wednesday morning issued this statement:

“In an effort to focus our U-verse streaming application development on core platforms, we will no longer support U-verse streaming via effective October 31, 2017. We encourage our U-verse customers to take advantage of the other streaming applications available to them, including via IOS and Android platforms.”

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— Phillip Swann