Viacom is warning viewers that Charter subscribers could soon lose its 23 channels due to a disagreement over carriage fees.

The 23 Viacom channels include such basic cable favorites as Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, BET and Spike.

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At its web site,, the programmer accuses Charter of attempting to use its clout as the nation’s second largest cable operator to force Viacom to accept lower carriage fees. (Charter merged with Time Warner Cable in 2016, giving the company a total of nearly 17 million video subscribers.)

Viacom also says Charter, which is known as Spectrum in its consumer marketing, has delivered inferior service since the merger.

“Since the merger, conditions for many (Charter) Spectrum subscribers have worsened considerably.  From unexplained price hikes, spotty service, deceptive consumer messaging, dismal customer service, and employee and labor disputes, Spectrum has consistently been in the news,” Viacom says at the site.

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Viacom does not say at its site when the current carriage agreement between the two companies expires, although Multichannel News reports it’s Sunday.

Charter has not commented on the dispute.

— Phillip Swann