DIRECTV yesterday quietly added five new High-Definition channels to a lineup the satcaster boasts has than 200 HD channels.

The five new HD channels are: FX Movie Channel (channel 258); The Outdoor Channel (channel 606); American Heroes Channel (channel 287); Discovery Family Channel (channel 294); and RFD-TV (channel 345.)

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All five channels were previously available on DIRECTV in standard-definition.

The FX Movie Channel airs recent and classic films owned by the Fox studio, including Transformers: Age of Extinction (pictured above), The Gambler and The Wolverine.

The Outdoor Channel features programming targeted to hunting and fishing enthusiasts, including such shows as Wild Ops, Dropped and Friday Night at the Movies.

American Heroes Channel, formerly known as the Military Channel, emphasizes shows with a military-or law enforcement theme such as Ancient Assassins, Gunslingers and Blood Feuds.

Discovery Family Channel airs programming of interest to young children such as My Little Pony and Pound Puppies.

RFD-TV features shows of interest to rural residents such as Dakota Life, Cowboy Church and Hee Haw.

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— Phillip Swann