DIRECTV has added the RFD-TV channel in High-Definition, the channel announced today.

The RFD-TV press release says its high-def edition will be available in all DIRECTV subscriber homes, effective immediately.

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The HD feed can be found on DIRECTV’s channel 345. RFD offers a mix of programming of special interest to rural residents.  (Pictured above: Penny Gilley, star of RFD’s Penny Gilley Show.)

“It’s no secret that consumers now require that all of their television choices be available in high-definition to even be considered for extended viewing,” the RFD press release stated. “We expect this to result in a spike in RFD-TV’s ratings for all of our quality rural lifestyle programming.”

AT&T, which owns DIRECTV, was already carrying the HD version of RFD on its U-verse TV service, and DIRECTV Now, the company’s live streaming service, launched with RFD HD in its lineup last November.

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— Phillip Swann