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Charter to Drop The Sportsman Channel

Charter Spectrum is informing former Time Warner Cable subscribers that the Sportsman Channel will be pulled from their lineups, effective on or around October 30.

The channel has been available in the ‘Sports View’ and ‘Digi Tier 2’ plans of customers who subscribed to Time Warner Cable prior to the Charter-TWC merger. (For now, Charter is still permitting the former TWC subscribers to keep their plans if they desire, although Charter has a different offering of packages. )

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The decision to eliminate the Sportsman Channel from the ‘legacy’ TWC packages means that Charter will not offer it at all; the cable operator does not include the Sportsman Channel in its ‘Spectrum’ lineup of programming packages.

Charter is not giving a reason for the cancellation in the notice being sent to customers.

The Sportsman Channel features shows about hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities.

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— Phillip Swann

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4 Comments on Charter to Drop The Sportsman Channel

  1. can someone tell me why charter/spectrum does not offer the nba league pass?

    • Because Charter used to be based out of St. Louis..guess which league hasn’t had a team in StL in almost 50 years? TV Answer Man, you DO need to look into this; I’ve sent letters to Charter asking about this, and they gave me a mealy-mouthed answer about “If we gave everyone a channel they asked for…”

      • It is dissapointing the ONLY reason i wont sign up with spectrum is because they DONT CARRY NBA LEAGUE PASS! last year when they came to my door pushing spectrum cable the sales man flat out lied to my face telling me they would be carrying the nba that fall , I told him i would verify 1st,Of coures i found out they would not carry the nba league pass. Its stupid of them not to carry it since they are a national company,and not just a local cable company.

  2. Sportsman Channel has been available to legacy Charter subscribers going back at least 3 years, and was on the Sports Tier and Digital View 1. GOOD RIDDANCE.

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