Verizon is the latest major pay TV provider to decide to drop the NBC-owned horror-themed Chiller channel from all its systems, effective October 1.

The telco follows Dish, which removed the channel in February of this year, and Charter, which dropped it in late April.

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“We recognize this decision will disappoint some of our customers and we apologize for the inconvenience,” a Verizon spokesman told the TV Answer Man today. “We’re always doing our best to strike a balance between providing the best TV experience while keeping prices as low as possible, which is why we’re always adding or removing channels from the FiOS TV lineup. Unfortunately, in this case we have decided not to renew Chiller.”

The move is another blow for the Chiller channel which has now lost access to almost 36 million homes in less than eight months. (Dish has slightly less than 14 million; Charter has slightly less than 17 million; and Verizon has slightly less than 5 million.).

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In addition, Comcast, the nation’s largest cable operator, still does not carry Chiller, although it owns the channel. (After Verizon’s removal, DIRECTV and U-verse will be Chiller’s two biggest carriers.)

The TV Answer Man has asked NBC for a comment and will report back here when we receive one.

(Pictured above: All Cheerleaders Die, a movie that plays occasionally on the Chiller channel.)

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— Phillip Swann