If the folks at DealNews.com are right, this holiday season will feature the best prices on HDTVs and 4K TVs ever, and 4K sets may be as cheap as the high-def editions.

DealNews.com, a web site that has tracked holiday discounts for years, says some 55-inch 4K TVs from name-brand companies will be available this Black Friday (November 24) for $500 with ‘doorbuster’ prices as low as $239.

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But if you think that sounds like a great deal, how about a 60-inch, name-brand 4K TV for $589 with a doorbuster special for the same set at $429.

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“While last year we saw a plethora of 4K televisions at very affordable prices, we anticipate those prices will drop even lower this year,” the site says. “In fact, it’s possible that in some size categories, 4K TVs could actually match their 1080p counterparts. So even if you don’t want a 4K TV, there may not be a reason to buy a 1080p TV anymore.”

But DealNews.com also predicts there will be numerous 60-inch, name-brand HDTVs available on Black Friday, and likely throughout the holiday season, for as little as $350. 42–inch, name-brand HDTVs will likely be available for $240.

In the streaming device category, DealNews.com says Roku’s Ultra 4K streaming device could go for $79 (it’s now $99 at Amazon) while streaming sticks from Amazon and Roku could go for $20 to $25.

— Phillip Swann