The Syfy channel has canceled the space voyage drama, Dark Matter, after three seasons and 39 episodes, Variety reports.

The show, which starred Anthony Lemke and Melissa O’Neil, focused on six people who awaken on a spaceship with no clue how they got there.

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Dark Matter was a moderate success with the critics with season one generating a 59 percent score at, which tracks critical reviews.

“Overall, Dark Matter is a fun ride through space. It also dangles enough mystery early on to potentially keep audiences tuned in next week,” wrote Sarah Stephens at ScreenRant.

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But notes that Dark Matter’s ratings have steadily declined over the last few seasons, and it was one of the lowest-rated original series airing on the Syfy channel.

The season three finale, which aired late last month, will now stand as the series finale.

— Phillip Swann