Netflix has decided to cancel Gypsy, the Naomi Watts psychodrama, after 10 episodes and one season, writes.

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Gypsy starred Watts as Jean Holloway, a New York psychotherapist who gets dangerously involved with her own patients. Billy Crudup played her husband, an unsuspecting financial advisor, while Blythe Danner (Gwyneth Paltrow’s mother) played her mom.

Since Netflix does not release viewer numbers, we don’t know if Gypsy was a hit or miss at home  However, the critics slammed Gypsy which scored a mere 26 percent out of a possible 100 at, the web site that tracks critical reviews.

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“For anyone engaged in psychotherapy, Gypsy presents a nightmare, but its lazy execution is not worth the time commitment. Unless Netflix is willing to pay your therapy co-pays, you should drop this series from your coverage,” wrote the Boston Herald.

Still, writes that the cancellation is a small surprise because Netflix had been discussing a second season with the show’s producers.

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The home video service has shown a greater willingness of late to cancel original shows, however.

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— Phillip Swann