ESPN Terminates Buzzer Beater Channel

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ESPN has decided to terminate the ‘ESPN Buzzer Beater’ channel, part of the sports network’s continuing effort to cut costs and shift resources.

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Since 2011, Buzzer Beater has provided live ‘look-ins’ and analysis of college basketball games.

But Kristie Adler, an ESPN spokeswoman,  tells The TV Answer Man that Buzzer Beater will not return when the the 2017-2018 college basketball season begins.

“With more ways than ever to program our networks across all screens, we have decided to shift resources to better position ourselves for the long-term. We will leverage the reach and scale we have across our TV and digital platforms to continue to provide more college basketball coverage than any other company,” the network said in a statement to The TV Answer Man.

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Adler said the decision will not affect the Bases Loaded or Goal Line channels, which provide live ‘look-in’ coverage of college baseball and football respectively.

“No change to Goal Line and Bases Loaded – they will each return to the network for their respective seasons,” she said.

ESPN also recently laid off more than 100 employees as it responds to shrinking pay TV subscriptions.

— Phillip Swann

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