Comcast and AMC are teaming to deliver an ad-free, $4.99-a-month on-demand streaming service consisting of AMC programming.

Called AMC Premiere, the service will only be available to Comcast video subscribers who will be able to stream the ad-free shows at the same time they are airing with commercials on the live AMC channel. The stream will be available via Comcast set-tops and the cable operator’s apps.

The on-demand service, which launched today, will also feature previously aired episodes of such AMC shows as The Walking Dead, Better Call Saul and Mad Men.

Comcast says it hopes to sign similar deals with other channels while AMC says it plans to offer its service to other pay TV providers.

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AMC is hoping that enough viewers will want to pay to watch their shows without advertising, particularly live.

However, the $5-a-month price tag may be a bit steep, considering that on-demand services from Hulu, Amazon and Netflix are only a few dollars more per month and they offer far more programming.

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— Phillip Swann