Fans of Pretty Little Liars who subscribe to DIRECTV nearly had a collective mental meltdown last night when a pivotal episode lost audio for several minutes, reports

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The Freeform show, which features four femme fatales uncovering secrets in a small town, was set last night to divulge some new juicy reveals in its seventh season’s penultimate episode.

But writes that DIRECTV’s audio in the first 10 minutes of the show kept skipping, even during the commercials, making it nearly impossible to hear. (There are no reports of similar problems with other providers, nor with other channels on DIRECTV last night.)

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“PLL audio isnt working so you check twitter and find out everyone with direct tv is pissed off too ,” MTWinner96 wrote on Twitter.


Numerous other Pretty Little Liars viewers posted similar comments with varying degrees of desperation.

@DRiveraD004 tweeted that DIRECTV was “ruining my life.” reports that the audio returned to normal after the 10-minute snafu, which seemed to bring fans back to sanity relatively quickly.

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DIRECTV’s Twitter customer service team never provided an explanation for the problem, but did acknowledge there was an issue while it was ongoing.

Note: The final episode of the seventh season of Pretty Little Liars airs on June 27.

— Phillip Swann