Fox is cancelling the drama, Prison Break, after its fifth season concludes later this month.

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Well, sort of.

TV Series Finale reports that Prison Break, which returned this year for a special nine-episode revival after an eight-year absence, will not be part of Fox’s 2017-2018 schedule. Fox CEO Gary Newman softened the blow by telling Deadline that the network is open to future installments of the series.

But for now, it’s done.

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The decision is not surprising. The show, which has centered on various attempts to rescue Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) from various prisons, did not fare well in the ratings for season five. The debut episode captured nearly four million viewers live, but the viewership has been declining sharply ever since.

The critics had a mixed reaction to the return with Prison Break garnering a score of 55 percent out of a possible 100 at The site says many critics had trouble with the plot which stretched the very definition of realism.

The season five finale (and likely series finale) will air on May 30.

24: Legacy, the reboot of the counter-terrorism drama that once starred Kiefer Sutherland, may also face the Grim Reaper. TV Series Finale reports that the network was inclined to renew the show for a second season, but its new star, Corey Hawkins, is currently committed to a Broadway play.

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— Phillip Swann