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NBC Gives Second Life to Timeless

NBC has reversed course and decided to give Timeless a second season after cancelling it just three days before.

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The network announced on Wednesday that it was axing the sci-fi drama after one 16-episode season.

Timeless suffered from declining ratings (50 percent drop from its debut episode to the season finale), although it was well-liked by the critics with a score of 84 at

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But it appears the fact that NBC did not own the show. (Sony was the producing studio.) was a major reason in Wednesday’s decision, which was reversed yesterday.

While the network, and show producers, said Saturday that the change of heart was triggered by fan reaction to the cancellation, it’s more likely that Sony gave NBC a larger slice of the show’s revenue to keep it on the air.

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Timeless stars Abigail Spencer and Malcolm Bennett as scientists who travel back in time to try to stop an evil operative from changing the course of history.

The second season of Timeless is now expected to debut sometime in 2018.

— Phillip Swann

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