Charter’s rough week last week may be turning into a rough month as the cable operator yesterday fielded thousands of complaints from subscribers over the loss of Internet and TV service.

Click Amazon: Today’s 1-Day-Only Deals!, the web site that tracks Internet outages and other online errors, reports that the greatest number of people affected yesterday was around 6 p.m. However, throughout the day, Charter subscribers posted messages on social media sites saying they couldn’t access their service.

Customers in New York, Los Angeles, Mountain View, Brooklyn, Charlotte and St. Louis seemed to have the most issues, according to the posts, but complaints came from just about every market where Charter operates.

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“Our entire town reports outages while the the company pretends there’s nothing wrong,” tweeted Jordan Goldmeier (@Option_Explicit), who lives in New York.

“No cable TV in Utica NY, crazy slow connection,” Valerie Moss Philion wrote last night on Twitter.

y’all suck, bout to get SMART television,” lamented @_SaintThaddeus.

“Been down in Suffolk VA for 4 hours now. So much for getting any work done tonight,” chimed in ‘Brandy.’

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@Ask_Spectrum, the cable operator’s Twitter customer service team, issued scores of ‘apology tweets’ last night and this morning to unhappy customers. But the Twitter team never explained why the technical issues were occurring or if they had been fixed.

And some subscribers say the outages are continuing this morning.

“More issues in Oviedo, Florida. This service is a joke,” wrote .Ryan Louwagie this morning at 10:08 a.m. ET.

I reported last week that Charter was undergoing several operational and marketing difficulties, including complaints over the dropping of the Chiller channel, and the shifting of certain channels to more expensive programming tiers. Some customers have also been complaining about Charter’s decision to move The Golf Channel to a more expensive programming package.

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I have asked Charter’s public relations department for a comment on the current technical difficulties and will report back here if I receive one.

— Phillip Swann