DIRECTV Now, which debuted to critical scorn last November 30 due to widespread technical difficulties, is still causing a large number of subscribers to complain about sub-par performance.

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As of 1 p.m. ET today, the Apple iTunes store had 1,974 reviews posted since the live streaming service’s first day. The average rating of all 1,974 reviews was just two stars out of a possible five.

Since DIRECTV Now’s last app update on April 29, the average rating is slightly better — 2.5 stars — based on 64 reviews. But that’s still a disappointing result considering that AT&T has suggested the live streaming service will one day be its primary TV offering. (DIRECTV Now offers a variety of channel packages starting at $35 a month.)

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And it probably doesn’t make AT&T executives feel any better that rival streaming services, such as Sling TV and PlayStation Vue, are also generating sub-par reviews. AT&T boldly said prior to the November 30 debut that DIRECTV Now would do better than other live streaming services because the company had more experience with new technologies.

But you wouldn’t think that based on the comments filed at the iTunes store. Subscribers say DIRECTV Now continues to be haunted by technical quirks such as picture freezing, login problems, and other inconveniences.

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“I love the idea of DirectTv Now… I’d gladly pay $35/month for the channels advertised if the service actually worked and let me watch shows for more than 2 minutes before the audio becomes out of sync, and I have to drag the timeline bar back a couple of seconds, forcing me to rewatch the same couple of minutes over and over until I finally realize this service is broken…Please fix your app!! Actually I change my original statement, I’d gladly pay $80/month for this service IF IT ACTUALLY WORKED,” writes Rob328e36.

“The iPhone app works pretty well except one major issue, once the app is closed it automatically logs you out. I hope this is a bug and not a feature,” says AreuSleepy, who gives the service just one star.

“Satisfied with the channel lineup,” says SidneyRoy, who gives DIRECTV Now a two-star rating. “That’s the only reason I’m staying since the buffering and on demand stinks. Shows delayed a week past airfare…. or never shows up. If hitting replay it stops after 3-5 min with audio only. Cannot use login for the standalone network apps. No Roku app since on Appletv the controls are so jumpy. Favorited channels keep deleting between Appletv app and iPad/iPhone. If Sling TV packages had Tennis Channel I’d be back there in a second. Used Sling TV for a year across all platforms and it worked so much better.”

DIRECTV Now has updated its app several times since its debut, but the service’s performance doesn’t seem to be getting much better, according to the users posting comments.

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— Phillip Swann