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Root Sports Offers Live Streams Of 4 MLB Teams

Batter Hitting Baseball --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Root Sports is now offering in-market streaming of the Colorado Rockies, Seattle Mariners, Pittsburgh Pirates and Houston Astros.

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There are three catches, however.

One, the live stream will only be available in-market, meaning you can only watch the teams in your area, not a team outside of your market. However, the live stream, which will be available on tablets, computers, smart phones and connected TVs,  will enable you to watch the local game whether you are home or away from home.

Two, to watch a live MLB game online, you will still have to be a subscriber to the Root Sports channel via your pay TV operator. The subscriber will have to type in his or her pay TV user name and password to access the online edition of the game which will be streamed at no extra charge at the team web site, the MLB web site and the MLB AtBat app.

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Third, your pay TV operator must be a partner in the live streaming agreement which was signed by Major League Baseball and Root Sports. (Comcast is a notable omission; the Houston Chronicle reports that a Comcast spokesperson said the cable operator has yet to reach a deal with the league and Root Sports.)

The pay TV partners for the Rockies games on Root Sports Rocky Mountain are:

Allo, DIRECTV, Falcon Broadband, Golden West, Layer3 TV, Mid-State Community, S&T, TCT, TVision, Vast Broadband and Vyve Broadband.

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The partners for the Astros games on Root Sports Southwest are:

DIRECTV and Consolidated Communications. AT&T is expected to be added soon.

The partners for the Pirates games on Root Sports Pittsburgh are:

DIRECTV, Consolidated Communications, Zito Media, Beaver Valley Cable, CAS Cable, Aurora by HTC, Citizens Fiber, Kuhn Communications, LHTC Broadband, QCOL, Windstream, Adams Cable Service, Armstrong, MetroCast, Service Electric Cablevision, Armstrong, MetroCast, Service Electric Cablevision, Service Electric Cable TV, and Suddenlink.

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The partners for the Mariners games on Root Sports Northwest are:

3 Rivers Communications, Access Montana, Ashland Home Net, Beaver Creek Cooperative Telephone, Clear Creek Communications, DirectLink, DIRECTV, Hood Canal Communications, Inland Networks, KPU Telecommunications, LocalTel Communications,  Mid Rivers Communications, MINET, Northland Communications, Nemont, PMT, Rainier Connect, Whidbey Telcom, and Zito Media.

With the addition of Root Sports, Forbes reports that only three teams now are not available for in-market streaming: The Los Angeles Dodgers on SportsNet LA, and the Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals, both of which are carried by MASN.

— Phillip Swann

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1 Comment on Root Sports Offers Live Streams Of 4 MLB Teams

  1. Mark Cotton // March 30, 2019 at 11:22 pm // Reply

    Why doesn’t Root put the position of each player behind his name as he bats, such
    as John Doe RF? I don’t know the positions and names of all the new Mariners
    let alone those of the other teams.We’ve been faithful watchers for 10 years and
    have always wanted this improvement. Would be a great deal for your hearing
    impaired fans.

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