CMT Turns Off Sun Records


CMT has axed the musical period drama, Sun Records, after just one eight-episode season, writes

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The show was based on the real-life Sun Records studio/company in Memphis, Tennessee that gave birth to such recording legends as Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis. Drake Milligan starred as the King of Rock n’ Roll while Christian Lees played Lewis.

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Sun Records had some fans among TV critics with giving it a score of 60 out of a possible 100. Six out of 10 critics in the site’s survey gave the show a favorable review.

“Sun Records is just too damn much fun to watch to get hung up in the details. The stories are magnetic, and so are the performances,” wrote Glenn Garvin of Reason Online.

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But the show’s ratings sharply declined from its debut on February 23. 2017 when it captured nearly one million viewers. For what is now the series finale on April 13, 2017, fewer than 500,000 people tuned in.

— Phillip Swann

5 comments on “CMT Turns Off Sun Records”

  1. The story line was not good. The true story of the rise of this little studio and it’s famed artists was good enough with the facts alone. The song choices and chronological depiction of the facts of each stars ascension to fame was to far removed from the truth and was way to corny. The producers simply did not understand how these guys were the “cool cats” of the fifties, not to mention the emphasis of from rags to riches themes prevalent in each story.
    I am old enough to know what really unfolded and I have recorded at Sun Studio, and know the magic of this little studio, so I was greatly disappointed in what I saw.

  2. To bad it was cancelled it was a very entertaining show. Bet another network could pick it up and do a much better job at promoting it then CMT did. I loved the show but I also think the story was moving a little slow.

  3. I believe the reason that so few people watched the final episodes of Sun Records is because Spectrum took over many cable TV supplier companies such as the Breithouse Network like we had in Bushnell Florida. The day that we were switched over to Spectrum, we lost the CMT channel and even though we had our DVR set to record the Sun Record show on CMT, when we went to play it back, there was only a message to call Spectrum if we wished to purchase an upgrade to our service to receive the CMT channel that we had been receiving from Breithouse before Spectrum took Breithouse over for two years prior. We were already paying about a hundred and fifty dollars a month and now Spectrum wanted another twelve dollars and change to upgrade us, so we would receive the CMT channel. I believe that Spectrum was the cause of the rapid decline of viewers of the show and it’s ratings and that they are liable for any inconvienience and money lost that it cost the CMT network and the viewers who were deprived of watching their favorite TV show, Sun Records like my wife and myself.

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