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Roku Support: DIRECTV Now App ‘Just Around the Corner’

Well, it’s not a specific day, or even a month or a financial quarter, but Roku’s Twitter support team last night said the launch of a DIRECTV Now app is “just around the corner.”

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“We’re working hard with DTV for a seamless launch just around the corner. Stay tuned!” the company tweeted last night.

While the timing is a bit vague, the statement might soothe DIRECTV Now subscribers who are still angry that the companies did not produce the app by the end of the first quarter, as they promised.

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Shortly before the first quarter was to end, Roku changed a blog posting to say that the app would be released in the first quarter to ‘sometime in 2017’

The blog change, which was done without explanation from either Roku, or AT&T, which owns DIRECTV Now, irked DIRECTV Now customers who subscribed to the live streaming service thinking the Roku app would soon be available.

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At the time, some wondered aloud at social media sites if the app would be produced at all in 2017 due to DIRECTV Now’s technical difficulties which has caused multiple outages as well as daily picture interruptions.

The thinking was that the addition of Roku, whose devices reach nearly 20 million homes, could further tax the DIRECTV Now infrastructure and cause more technical problems.

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But if ‘around the corner’ means soon, and if Roku’s support wasn’t simply giving lip service to a long line of upset customers, DIRECTV Now subscribers who own Roku streaming devices may soon get their wish.

— Phillip Swann

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7 Comments on Roku Support: DIRECTV Now App ‘Just Around the Corner’

  1. Daniel Powers // May 6, 2017 at 8:14 am // Reply

    Mr Swann- Do you know if the TV Frog works as claimed- stream all channels for free they say ? see link below-

    Dan Powers
    S. Wales, NY

  2. Kurt Cross // May 6, 2017 at 12:28 pm // Reply

    Directv Now still has issues with buffering and picture quality….after 5 months into this thing, you would think that all the bugs would worked out…..I think I heard way back last December that Directv Now App would also be available in the future on some Samsung smart televisions…..guess that’s not going to happen.

  3. at&t does not want Roku cause it is the most popular streaming device and their band width would go to hell.

  4. If you are standing somewhere in the Mississippi Valley (a vast wasteland in terms of Roku’s DTVN support,) “just around the corner” could mean a corner anywhere within a thousand miles (or, in the context of all the content-free statements we have heard from these morons, “around” 12/31/2017.) I’ll believe it when I click on the channel and install it on all my Roku’s.

  5. Mr Pants McGee // May 8, 2017 at 8:33 pm // Reply

    where’s the link to that tweet?

    • Roku Support (@RokuSupport)
      5/4/17, 7:27 PM
      @jscmscjdg @RokuPlayer @directvnow @DIRECTVNowHelp We’re working hard with DTV for a seamless launch just around the corner. Stay tuned! Check out for the latest.

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