Some Charter subscribers are missing the Golf Channel today, or at least, they think they are missing it.

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On April 25, the cable operator removed the Golf Channel from its Select package, which features roughly 150 channels and costs $64.99. However, Charter’s Silver ($84.99 a month) and Gold ($104.99 a month) plans still include the channel, which is owned by NBC Universal.

The move requires golf fans who only have Select to spend $20 more per month or lose the channel entirely, a dilemma that doesn’t sit well with some.

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Former Time Warner Cable subscribers, who now get Charter after the companies merged, are not subject to the switch. Well, at least not yet. Charter is aggressively trying to persuade former TWC customers to switch to the new Charter programming lineup and pricing plans and it’s likely they will be forced to if they don’t come along voluntarily in the coming months.

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You might think that NBC would be upset with Charter’s decision to remove the Golf Channel from the Select plan, which will likely lead to fewer Charter subscribers watching it. Fewer viewers means fewer advertising dollars.

But when I asked NBC for a comment prior to the switch, the network took the diplomatic course:

“Golf Channel has always been offered in a variety of ways across Charter systems, on a market-by-market basis, including on the Select and Silver plans. We expect Charter will continue to offer options on a market-by-market basis to their customers. And we expect to enjoy continued healthy distribution of the Golf Channel to Spectrum customers,” a NBC Universal spokeswoman said.

As for Charter, the company did not respond to my inquiries.

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— Phillip Swann