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NBC’s Seeso May Not Have the Last Laugh

Seeso, NBC’s online service for comedy fans, may be an early casualty of the increasingly competitive streaming business, writes Vulture.

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The video on demand service, which costs $3.99 a month, features such shows as Parks & Recreation, Kids In the Hall and Monty Python, and stand-up specials from comedians such as Jay Pharoah.

However, since its debut in 2015, the streaming industry has exploded with new services from companies such as HBO, Discovery, Starz, Turner, Showtime, Hulu and numerous others. The fight for online viewers has become fiercely competitive, and more difficult for a small niche service to navigate.

Vulture notes that Evan Shapiro, Seeso’s chief, is leaving the company this week, a possible sign that the unit is in disarray. While Seeso doesn’t seem likely to close its doors anytime soon, it could be preparing for a 2018 departure, according to Vulture.

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“Does NBC see a future for Seeso? It doesn’t necessarily seem so…Beyond the near term, the future of Seeso is decidedly unclear. Multiple sources indicate the service is, for all intents and purposes, on its way out. Already, agents and managers Vulture spoke with say they’re now having a hard time getting people at Seeso to return calls. For now, NBCU is only confirming Shapiro’s departure,” Vulture writes.

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— Phillip Swann

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