Here are the last 20 channel apps added to the Roku streaming platform:

Telemundo Deportes En Vivo
The Lounge Channel
Watch OWN
Let’s Play Video Games

Elena Genevinne
HalfTicket Kids
Photo Puzzle Free

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Maddie Welborn
Ally Law
Digital Concert Hall
Film Dice

All Living Things
Yoga Wiz
Gourmet GPS
How 2 BBQ Right

Nowhere in that esoteric list, or in the entire list of Roku channel apps that now exceed 3,000, will you find DIRECTV Now.

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Yes, DIRECTV Now, AT&T’s new live streaming service, which the telco believes will one day become its primary video business, is still not available on Roku, the nation’s leading streaming platform.

AT&T promised that DIRECTV Now would be available on Roku in the first quarter. But that deadline passed more than a month ago and we still have no indication when it will be added.

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But that’s okay. We do have the the Ally Law channel, the How 2 BBQ Right channel and the Gourmet GPS channel. Somehow, the proprietors of those services have figured out to produce an app for Roku.

But not AT&T.

And so it goes…

— Phillip Swann