Charter Drops Chiller


Charter today removed the horror-themed channel, Chiller, from its local systems.

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The move is not a surprise. The cable operator in February quietly notified subscribers that it would drop Chiller in late April, albeit without explanation. (Both channels are owned by NBC.)

However, the seemingly sudden departure from Charter’s lineup today has left some subscribers unhappy. And they have registered their disapproval on social media sites.

“RIP ,” tweeted @buflsabres this morning.

 “Hey – it’s bad enough you’ve decided not to carry a fave channel – – but you stop service in the middle of a film??” wrote @zengrrl.

Charter’s Twitter customer service team, @AskSpectrum, responded this morning to @zengrrl and other subscribers who said they wanted Chiller back.

I’m sorry for the delayed response and that it cut out in the middle of the movie, I do show it was set to go dark. Is there anything else we can help you with?” @AskSpectrum wrote.

The loss of carriage on Charter, the nation’s third largest pay TV service, could make NBC re-evaluate Chiller’s future. Dish, the fourth largest pay TV service, dropped the horror-theme channel in February. (Combined, Dish and Charter have roughly 30 million subscribers.)

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Comcast, which owns NBC, also does not carry Chiller. However, DIRECTV and AT&T, which combined make up the nation’s largest pay TV service, does carry Chiller.

(Pictured above: All Cheerleaders Die, a movie that plays on the Chiller channel.)

— Phillip Swann

43 comments on “Charter Drops Chiller”

  1. I enjoy watching chiller network and spectrum dropped in the middle of a movie on 4/25/17. I am going to drop spectrum. They are also going probably drop some other channels, except those crappy shopping channels.

  2. looking for chiller. and finding this new spectrum drop it..Why am i paying to have channels i don’t even watch all these sport channel. religion,shopping , politics over my chiller channel. But I have to pay for something I don’t even need.I can name about 50 channels I don’t even watch or never watched.

  3. They need to put chiller back on theres other tv programs that should go that i never watch and get charged for they need to re-think this give the tv audience what they want to watch this is a bad move.

  4. For real spectrum I am female in late 50’s love chiller I agree I pay for repeat channels in order to see chiller going to rethink my plan I can cut channels to.

  5. I am calling Charter tomorrow and am going back to the most basic cable channels. Chiller was one of the only channels that I regularly watched so I choose to no longer give this
    un-customer focused company any more of my money than is needed,

  6. Chiller was a channel I watched a lot. Darn Spectrum for taking it off the air!! New Bosses can’t keep their hands out of the pot!! So many crap channels on the line-up, I am sure Spectrum can make room for Chiller (and that includes Esquire too).

  7. Screw Spectrum … Going for the4 2 year full deal from DISH with the AT&T bundled Phone & internet … Brighthouse was ok … Anything involving Charter/Spectrum is dorked

  8. What choices do you intend to offer as a replacement for the Chiller channel you’ve taken away that I’ve paid for. I hope you people are not thieves.

  9. ok ive been with time warner cable for almsot 20 years before it sold out to spectrum and i want chiller back ive been a long time customer but i know there are other options out there. Bring back the channel or you will seriously lose a lot of business..just stating fact and from reading the previous comments.

  10. Have been thinking about leaving cable genre with so many available internet based channels now. Thanks Spectrum for helping me decide. Chiller was one of a few channels I watched and actually paid extra for.

  11. Chiller was one of the few channels I loved to watch. I’m getting down to a small number that I like. Soon I won’t need cable at all.

  12. Spectrum TV sucks.Taking off channels that I do watch and keep on lots that I pay for and never watch.Also repeat channels.Not happy with Spectrum at all.

  13. Thanks Charter! You have saved me a lot of money in the future. Dropping cable that costs me 250 a month and getting Amazon. Thanks do dropping one of the only channels besides my over priced movie channels I ever watched. I’m gonna be $3 grand richer a year now thanks to you dropping chiller and esquire! Thieving pricks anyways.

  14. fyi those chiller channel it wasn’t spectrum, the company took it off air, its not available anywhere now,

  15. So, when they’re sitting in their boardroom asking “What is with this Kodi thing and why is everyone using it and dumping us?” I hope they realize that they make huge mistakes when they remove channels and raise prices.

  16. Need to put it back on
    Lots of people watch
    If it is inactive maybe Charter should but it so they can still run the movies.

  17. I called Spectrum yesterday, after I discovered that Chiller was not on the air, and the rep told me that Chiller dropped their programming. Am I being lied to?

      1. Chiller is still on Directv – as of August 2, 2017. Scrolled past it this morning. Never watch it , but it absolutely still exists.

  18. Out of all the ridiculous channels that I end up paying for that I’ll never ever watch you drop one that I actually pay extra for that I do watch. I will be weighing the options of a different provider.

  19. Loved Chiller watched it most likely 3rd most of any channel. Especially now that the Sci fi channel has sucked for the last 3 4 years

  20. Spectrum sucks! Taking our chiller channel too is plain ridiculous! I bet that you wont lower our bills after you take away channels! Not happy!!!!!!

  21. Those who love Chiller you should try playstation vue and Youtube tv the channel is available there. Now I don’t have Chiller on my channel lineup Im so disappointed with Spectrum!!

  22. They lied to me when they said NBC dropped Chiller, and that no one would carry it anymore. They also said that they would be giving us nothing in return, which was true. We loved Verizon until Frontier took over, so we moved to TWC/Spectrum. Now I’m considering Direct TV, or anything else since we don’t get OAN or Chiller with Spectrum. I hate cable companies. Just give me the channels I want, and not all the crap I will never watch.

  23. I loved watching chiller channel i agree with almost everyone here. Drop the stupid channels an bring back the good ones. SyFi sucks BRING BACK CHILLER PLEASE

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