Hulu is expected to launch its live streaming service next month, although the exact timing seems dependent upon which anonymous source you talk to, according to a Tech Crunch article.

Tech Crunch quotes “sources” as saying the service is ‘targeted’ for the first week of May, but later says employee ‘chatter’ suggests it’s more likely to launch in mid-May.

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Deeper in the article, even more ‘knowledgable’ sources weigh in with a prediction of ‘the third week of May.’

By now, you might be a bit confused, but Tech Crunch adds:

“However, the month of May – in general – is definitely a go.”

Despite that assurance, Tech Crunch later notes that Hulu execs have said the live service will be launched in the spring, which the article suggests leaves open the possibility the launch could come in June!

“Spring actually ends on June 21st here in the U.S., even though many people think of June as being summer,” the Tech Crunch article states.


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Hulu Live, which will compete with DIRECTV Now, PlayStation Vue and Sling TV, among others, has announced programming deals with Disney, Fox, NBC, and CBS, A&E and Turner.

Tech Crunch previously reported that Hulu is expected to charge $39.99 a month for roughly 40 channels.

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DIRECTV Now’s least expensive plan is $35 a month for roughly 60 channels while Sling TV offers a plan for $20 a month for 30 channels. Sony’s PlayStation Vue charges $29.99 for more than 40 channels and the new YouTube TV offers more than 40 live channels for $35 a month.

— Phillip Swann