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Why Did WGN America Cancel Outsiders?

WGN American has canceled the network’s top-rated drama, Outsiders, after two seasons, reports

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Outsiders, which stars David Morse and Gillian Alexy, focuses on a rural Kentucky family who fight to keep unfriendly town officials from taking their land and using it for their own political agendas.

The decision to ax Outsiders now is a surprise, particularly with the season two (and now series) finale airing on April 25.

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Deadline also notes that WGN America recently boasted that March was the most watched primetime month in the network’s history, thanks in part to Outsiders.

But the site writes that WGN America may be on the selling block, and Outsiders, despite its decent ratings, is still losing money.  WGN may want to jettison Outsiders now to make the bottom line look more impressive to a possible buyer.

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Sony, which produced the show, certainly still believes in it. Deadline writes that the studio is likely to shop it to another network, or streaming service.

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  2. love the show #OUTSIDERS ! i’d love to see them turn up on #netflix ! #greatfit ! 🙂

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