Sling TV Expands ‘Cloud DVR’ Service


Sling TV has expanded its $5 a month ‘cloud DVR’ service to Android TV and Roku streaming devices.

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That means that Sling TV subscribers who own a Roku streaming device (including Roku TVs), Android TV, or Android mobile device can now store up to 50 hours of recorded programming

Sling previously introduced the $5 a month recording feature to Amazon tablets and Fire TV streaming devices, and to select Roku owners in a beta trial. The Net TV service says it will add more devices in the coming months, including Apple TV.

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The ‘cloud DVR,’ which stores programming on the streaming service’s server, might seem like a reasonable facsimile of the DVRs offered by cable and satellite operators. However, Sling’s ‘cloud DVR’ does not offer fast-forwarding during recorded playback on certain shows and channels, per agreement between the streamer and the programmers. (Disney-owned channels are one notable omission.)

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Cloud DVRs offered by Sony’s Vue and YouTube TV also come with unexpected catches.

DIRECTV Now does not yet offer a DVR feature.

— Phillip Swann

2 comments on “Sling TV Expands ‘Cloud DVR’ Service”

  1. Sling Tv already has a pretty good OnDemand, on most channels, which you can not fast forward.
    So what is the purpose of their DVR if it operates the same?
    I guess unless you want to save and watch the recordings for wayyyy later when it is no longer avail OnDemand.

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