DIRECTV to Air Masters Golf Tournament In 4K


DIRECTV next month will once again air the Masters Golf Tournament from Augusta, Georgia in 4K.

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The Masters, arguably the sport’s most prestigious tournament, will take place from April 6 through April 9. DIRECTV will offer 4K coverage of the Amen Corner (holes 11th through 13th) as well as the 15th and 16th holes each day of the four-day event.

The 4K coverage will be available on channel 106, DIRECTV’s dedicated channel for live 4K programming.

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DIRECTV last year also aired select coverage of the Masters in 4k, and it marked the satcaster’s first live offering in the new picture format.

CBS will simulcast this year’s Masters in High-Definition.

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DIRECTV recently changed the minimum package required to get its live 4K channel to Select so more subscribers could access it as well as the satcaster’s two other 4K channels, which are devoted to recurring programming and Video on Demand.

To watch 4K on DIRECTV, you must get a compatible 4K TV, a DIRECTV HD DVR54 Genie System (or above), and installation of the Genie by a DIRECTV technician.

— Phillip Swann

2 comments on “DIRECTV to Air Masters Golf Tournament In 4K”

  1. There’s a reason why Comcast is taking its time RE: 4K.

    Uncompressed 4K streaming is 12Gbps, clearly beyond what even the best of Comcast’s network could currently handle. However, compressing this type of stream essentially knocks the resolution down to closer to an HD-level format. Therefore, Comcast must decide how they’re going to handle 4K.

    For DirecTV, they don’t have to rely upon terrestrial-based lines; they’re going through the air from a bird in the sky. Of course, as Phillip describes here, it’s not simply a matter of tuning to a particular channel. You have to have not only the right equipment, but a truck roll for an installer to make sure it’s done correctly.

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