AT&T May Close In May


AT&T is seriously considering closing, the web site for its TV service, the has learned.

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In response to an inquiry from this reporter, Fletcher Cook, an AT&T spokesman, acknowledged today that the company may close the site “as early as May 30.” The telco this week began notifying customers that the site may end by that date.

“We haven’t made a final decision, but wanted to be transparent with customers that it was under consideration,” the spokesman said.

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Cook did not provide a reason for why AT&T may close, but the company has been candid about its ongoing effort to switch U-verse video subscribers to DIRECTV. The shuttering of could encourage more people to switch to DIRECTV, which offers similar streaming features at

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The campaign to promote DIRECTV over U-verse has contributed to DIRECTV’s strong subscriber growth over the last year while U-verse has lost more than one million video subscribers during that time.

In addition to the possible closure of,  AT&T’s customer notice says the U-verse app may be removed from the XBox One and Windows mobile operating systems as well. However, U-verse customers will still be able to stream programming using the U-verse mobile app on all supported platforms.

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— Phillip Swann

21 comments on “AT&T May Close In May”

  1. They are probably closing it because they are losing business constantly because AT&T/UVerse SUCKS big time. I speak from experience. They lie, don’t do what they promise, advertise falsely, and let their people say anything to get your business but never put it in writing because they know they aren’t going to follow through! I had Directv for 15 years and if they told you what the bill would be, they stuck to it and didn’t “hike” it up every chance they could sneak it in. Trust me. I have records to prove all of the above and don’t doubt people are as sick of them as I am of AT&T. I’m old, disabled and keep me tv onn night and day! When AT&T bought Directv, I was led to believe I had no choice but to convert to uVerse. All kinds of things went wrong. Too long to go into. Me “deal” they promised was good for two years never materialized. Price always higher and kept going up little by little. in one year they raised my bill over 100. Per month and said it “WAS” a one year deal, not two! I spent hours talking to them. Sick of them, detest AT&T but have my cell phone, my home phone, my tv service and internet with them. Have another long story why they told me I couldn’t go back to Directv without paying an exhorbitant price per month. Does all of the above explained why I don’t like A T&T and understand why other customers are as sick of them as I am!!

  2. I had Direct TV prior I had UVerse. My Direct TV bill kept on going up and I had regular over billing and it took hours pn the phone to get any corrections to adjust my bill. So I moved back to Uverse and my service was down and I had to have them come out to fix the problem during the first week. I get my bill and they include Direct TV equipment that I had returned. They included a early cancellation fee of Direct TV and a service fee to initiate UVerse. So by the time I received my bill for U200 it was clpse to $350.00. So I spent another 2 hours on the phone which I told them that they were suppose to waive all of these extra fees. Also they were suppose to send tp me an email when I signed up with UVerse to review and confirm my order. They did not. I have this past year have been held hostage by Direct TV and UVerse. I have put at least 30 hours in getting billing and installs completef. It has been a terrible experience. The last time I spoke to Uverse they did fix the bill. California doesn’t seem to care about helping it’s residents with these issues so the ATTs can do about anything to its customers with no overdight.

    1. I worked at Directv doing retention, so I KNOW. ATT likes to keep it as two separate companies, so while the service fee may be removed, the early cancellation fee won’t be waived, why you ask? Because even if ATT bought Directv, they’re still separate identities, meaning that you have a commitment to Directv, not ATT, ATT can tell you whatever, at Directv we don’t give a shit because we don’t honor any promises ATT makes, so they have Directv and ATT blaming each other back and forth.I used to hate talking to ATT customer because they always had an issue of the sort.

  3. My mother and I have the same exact service including Tv’s. My bill is around $145 a month and her bill is over $190. She calls and complains and they set her up with some special that brings her bill down to around $160 – still not at my rate. Then as the months go by she watches as her bill slowly climbs every month and is back to $190 after about 6 months or so.

    She is now switching to Direct TV and they say that her bill will be less than $130 a month for 2 years. Let’s see if it is.

    As for me I will probably switch to X-Finity only cause I can not stand Direct TV and service with storms in Florida.

  4. I would hate to see go away. We’ve been Uverse customers for many years and have had very little issues with them. When the monthly bill crept up on us I called them and was offered a good deal on TV service plus faster internet speed for much less than we were paying currently. I was offered a little better deal to switch to DirectTV but we just don’t want satellite TV unless there is no other option. Comcast/Xfinity is the only other cable provider in our area. We had them for years and was relatively happy but when Uverse came around with a much better deal and I called comcast to see if they would beat it or even match it they responded with NO. Couldn’t believe that they would lose a long term customer over what turned out to be not that much money. We as consumers consider loyalty a strong point in staying with a company. We’ve had the same cellular company since 1997. I don’t want to see Uverse shut down and have it’s customers have to choose DirectTV.

    1. I use to have the U-Verse Triple pack (internet & tv & phone) and we loved it! Great service with rare very short outages, decent price, friendly & helpful. But then we sold our house and moved across town. This was just after AT&T had bought DirecTV, and we could not get the U-verse triple pack in our new home. They said our phone was incapatable in our new home (which did not make sense, and never got an explanation as to why). They said u-verse TV was not available in our neighborhood, even though we could get u-verse internet. So we were forced to get DirecTV (I will NEVER use Comcast again!). I liked u-verse TV far better than DirecTV, but AT&T stopped installing it, promoting or selling or upgrading it in 2014. I periodically still see at&t u-verse vans, but I’m guessing those are for still active customers or for internet only. What a pity, that they let what was great (u-verse tv/phone/internet) now become junk for one product (DirecTV) that wasn’t as good as their original product.

  5. The article does not speak to what this means to customers if is terminated. How would this affect service and does att have a plan for its current uverse customers

  6. Aside from my network speeds being total garbage, the tv side has been great. Just went from 4mb to 68mb in switching to comcast (and buying a modem, and running coax into the house) and layer3tv shipped my new boxes today. The price should be the same and im getting so much more. Hopefully layer3 is great

  7. I don’t want to get a dish, been there with another Co and had too many outage, so you can’t ck your accts then, or program your tv, u like doing that from my puter, may have to retina att, I have everthing w/then

  8. I have AT&T U-Verse TV, and I can’t have a satellite where I live. So it’s really unfair to those who can’t switch to Direct TV or don’t want to. I had Time Warner before they changed to Spectrum, and their bill was ridiculous. I feel like cable customers are getting ripped off more and more lately.

  9. I have had Comcast, Dish Network, and now have U-verse, which I have had for several years. Aside from a few minor glitches with equipment, U-verse has been the far better service and maintenance provider. I use when away from to program the DVR to record a program I might have forgotten to program. I don’t know whether there will still be a feature like this available if they cancel I will try to find out.

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