Netflix will add 18 new titles to its streaming lineup this week, including a much-anticipated original biofilm about a famous American atheist that premiered this month at the South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas.

The film, The Most Hated Woman in America, stars Melissa Leo (Homicide, The Fighter) as Madalyn Murray O’Hair who led a crusade against the teaching of religion in public schools during the 1960s and 1970s. O’Hair’s aggressive stance led to her being called the most hated woman in America and she was often the foil of conservative politicians.

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O’Hair, and other members of her family, mysteriously disappeared in the 1990s and the subsequent investigation and capture of their kidnappers became tabloid fodder across the country.

The Most Hated Woman in America, which Netflix is distributing exclusively, will premiere on its streaming lineup on Friday, March 24. (The film premiered at SXSW on March 14.)

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Another notable Netflix addition this week: Grace and Frankie, season three, the Netflix original comedy starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin.

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Here is this week’s complete list of new streaming titles at Netflix:

March 20

El Reemplazante: Season 1-2 (2012)

March 21

Ali & Nino (2016)
Another Forever (2016)
Evolution (2015)
Fire at the Sea (Fuocoammare) (2016)

March 23

How to Get Away with Murder: Season 3 (2016)
Welcome to New York (2015)

March 24

Bottersnikes & Gumbles: Season 2 (Netflix original)
Déjà Vu (2006)
Felipe Neto: My Life Makes No Sense (Netflix original)
Grace and Frankie: Season 3 (Netflix original)
Ingobernable: Season 1 (Netflix original)

Spider (2007)
The Square (2008)
The Most Hated Woman in America (Netflix original film)
Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)

March 25

The Student Body (2017)
USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage (2016)

— Phillip Swann