AT&T says it will issue a credit to DIRECTV subscribers who were overcharged for regional sports channels, according to the Consumerist.

The regional sports fees are supposed to be based on how many regional sports channels are available in your market; the more channels, the higher the fee.

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However, according to a DIRECTV web page that allowed you to search for your fee by zip code, some subscribers in the same market were being charged higher fees although they were receiving the same regional channels.

The overcharging was not happening in all markets, but the Consumerist, which first spotted the error after being tipped off by a DIRECTV subscriber, noted at least three markets where it occurred: Chicago, Philadelphia and Phoenix.

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The consumer advocacy web site reports that AT&T is now apologizing for the mixup and will issue the credits. However, the company was mum on how and when the credits will be distributed.

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“We have identified a small percentage of customers who are receiving some inaccurate bills for regional sports network fees,” AT&T said in a statement to the Consumerist. “We are working as quickly as possible to notify those customers and issue credits. We apologize for the error.”

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— Phillip Swann