Hulu has launched a new web site to promote its upcoming live streaming service as well as its current on-demand business.

Called, the site features a video that highlights shows on some of the networks that will appear on the live service such as ESPN (Disney-owned), Fox, NBC, and CBS.

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Hulu, which is expected to launch the live service by this fall, has also announced programming deals with A&E and Turner.

The video notes that subscribers to Hulu Live, as the live streaming service is expected to be called, will have access to multiple streams in the house as well as the ability to watch live programming away from home.

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But the promo is also careful to note that consumers will still have the option to subscribe to the On-Demand version of Hulu, which currently starts at $7.99 a month. Hulu Live, which will feature roughly 40 channels, is expected to cost under $40 a month.

“Live and On Demand. Together at last on Hulu,” the video states.

The Hulu site also enables visitors to sign up for a chance to preview the new service, and get updates on when it will be launched.

— Phillip Swann